Paths – Inspirational

Rhododendron in my garden

Rhododendron in my garden


In the mid–path of my life, I woke to find myself in a dark wood,’ writes Dante, in The Divine Comedy, beginning a quest that will lead to transformation and redemption. A journey through the dark of the woods is a motif common to fairy tales: young heroes set off through the perilous forest in order to reach their destiny, or they find themselves abandoned there, cast off and left for dead. The path is long and treacherous, prowled by wolves, ghosts, and wizards, but helpers also appear along the way, good fairies and animal guides, often cloaked in unlikely disguises. The hero’s task is to tell friend from foe, and to keep walking steadily onward.




“The life of every man is a way to himself, an attempt at a way, the suggestion of a path. No man has ever been utterly himself, yet every man strives to be so, the dull, the intelligent, each one as best he can. Each man at the end of his days carries around with him vestiges of his birth – the slime and egg-shells of the primeval world. There are many who never become human; they remain frogs, lizards, ants. Many men are human beings above and fish below. Yet each one represents an attempt on the part of nature to create a human being. We enjoy a common origin in our mothers; we all come from the same pit. But each individual, who is himself an experimental throw from the depths, strives towards his own goal. We can understand each other; but each person is able to interpret himself to himself alone.”

– Hermann Hesse, ‘Demian’



Abstract  "Rose"

Abstract “Rose”

Abstract - Cherry

Abstract – Cherry






Wild Geranium

Wild Geranium

Seedlings – Inspirational



Whichever angels guide us toward wakefulness, we must be prepared to do our part. Our immediate labour is to ready the ground for ourselves so that the seeds of truth, spoken by our teachers, spouse, or stranger, may find fertile soil in which to grow. Here are several seedlings in the form of quotes that may inspire. I hope so. Eve

I have included this beautiful you tube here. I am sure you will enjoy the magical photos along with the mystical and sublime Rumi poem. :) 

“One who is invisible cannot shake hands or converse with another until he becomes visible. An angel or spirit could have no intercourse with a man, even if standing close to his body and before his face. Neither can any one’s soul converse with another or act with another except by means of his body.”

– Emmanuel Swedenborg


 “There is a bridge between Time and Eternity; and this bridge is Atman, the Spirit of Man. Neither day nor night cross that bridge, nor old age, nor death nor sorrow.

Evil or Sin cannot cross that bridge, because the world of the Spirit is pure. This is why when this bridge has been crossed, the eyes of the blind can see, the wounds of the wounded are healed, and the sick man becomes whole from his sickness.

To one who goes over the bridge, the night becomes like unto day; because in the worlds of the Spirit there is a Light which is everlasting.”

– the Chandogya Upanishad


“Thy light has illuminated the dark chambers of my mind; Thy love is rooted in the depths of my heart; Thine eyes are the light of my soul; Thy power worketh behind my action; Thy peace alone is my life’s repose; Thy will is behind my every impulse; Thy voice is audible in the words I speak; Thine own image is my countenance. My body is but a cover over Thy soul; my life is Thy very breath, my Beloved, and my self is Thine own being.

Thou pourest wine into my empty cup wherever we meet, on hills and dales, on the tops of high mountains, in the thick forests and in the barren deserts, on the shores of the roaring sea and on the banks of the gentle river; and there ariseth in my heart the unearthly passion and the heavenly joy.

Thou hast won my heart a thousand times over; Thou comest veiled under many and varied guises, and in every guise thou art unique. Who is not attracted by the splendour Thou hast so skillfully produced on the face of the earth? In this beauty fair Thou shinest, adorned in myriad garbs. Thine own is all the beauty, and Thou shinest and yet are not Thyself attracted by it. Thou in this stage of life actest as friend and foe, and Thou alone seest the play performed so wonderfully. I sought Thee so long, my Beloved, and now I have found Thee at last, O Winner of my heart, and in finding Thee I have lost myself.

Let me feel Thine arms around me, my Beloved, while I am wandering away from home. Let my heart become Thy lute. Hearing Thy song my soul cometh to life. Let my virgin soul dance at Thy Court, my Indra; the passion it hath is for Thee alone. O, let me lean my head on Thy breast; Thine arms enfolding me, my feet touch paradise.

Wherever I look, I see Thy beloved face, covered under many different veils. The magic power of my ever-seeking eyes lifted the veil from Thy glowing countenance, and Thy smile won my heart a thousand times over. The lustre of Thy piercing glance hath lightened my darkened soul, and lo! now I see the sunshine everywhere…”


~Hazrat I. Khan

Through Beauty – Inspirational



Flower Mock Orange taken this Spring


Here are seveal of my recent photos of the Mock Orange. I love taking photos of this flower because of its elegance and sublime beauty, and the way it lends itself to the camera. The pity is the Mock Orange does not last long, along with all other Spring flowers it fades before there’s time to really take enough photos to make a good collection. Here are two of my better photos of this imposing flower from a few weeks ago taken outside in the rain.

.Black Iris - Karen Platt's Blog

Photo ~ Black Iris, Karen Platt’s Blog

“There are moments in our lives that stand still in time while all the frantic hours and years surrounding them have blurred into an obscurity of grayness. One such moment remains vivid in my mind after more than thirty years, a luminescent spot of time, as clear as if it had happened only yesterday. It was in one of those dark, cavern-like vaults of a lecture hall in college where Art History was offered as a slide show, and it was a perfectly ordinary lecture on American artists, clicking through shadowed images of Cubism and Futurism until a huge close-up of an iris glowed from the screen. “Black Iris.” Georgia O’Keeffe. A simple polarity of translucent light petals reaching upward and dark falls cascading downward made the flower look like a cathedral illumined from within. Breath stopped, mind stopped, and I felt myself dissolve into beauty, passing through painted veils of titanium white and dove gray mist, suspended over waves of amethyst, troughs of onyx. It was as if a thread of light flowing through the moment pierced me to the soul, connecting me to a higher realm.

There were no words in my nineteen-year-old mind to describe the epiphany I’d felt; there are no exact words this day. Words attempt to anchor experience, but that place was wordless and ineffable. In that light-filled moment I was changed forever, uplifted with new possibility. When I left class that afternoon, I had a mission in life: to attempt to stir in others that same sense of wonder: I began to study painting.”

–Rebecca Robison, an excerpt from “Through Beauty,” reaching for a harmonious whole, in PARABOLA, Volume 27, No. 3, Fall, 2002, “Grace.”

Rumi “Enchantment” – Inspirational Quotations


Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings once wrote,  “I do not understand how anyone can live without one small place of enchantment to turn to.” How true! I have been in my  flower-garden today with the Lumix camera. Ahhh! I was not disappointed. The late Spring flowers are at their best. Here are several photos, I’ll share. Might add a few words of enchantment myself. ~ What feeds the soul more than a flower?  What smells more sweet, than the Good Earth?  What poems touch are hearts, leaving us wanting more.   I’d say Rumi. Here’s a few of my favourites.


I smile like a Flower
Not only with my Lips
with my whole Being.

~ Beloved Rumi


Wild Geranium growing under the tree

Wild Geranium growing under the tree


The Oldest Thirst There Is

Give us gladness that connects
with the Friend, a taste of the quick.

You that make a cypress strong
and jasmine jasmine.

Give us the inner listening
that is a way in itself
and the oldest thirst there is.

Do not measure it out with a cup.
I am a fish. You are the moon.

You cannot touch me, but your light
fills the ocean where I live.

~ Beloved Rumi heart emoticon
Translated by Coleman Barks


White Peony

White Peony



I Have Found The Heart

I will never leave this house of light,
I will never leave this blessed town
for here I have found my love
and here I will stay for the rest of my life.
If this world turns into a sea of trouble
I will brave the waves and steer the ship of my mind
To the safe shore of love.

If you are a seeker looking for profit,
Go on and may God be with you,
But I am not willing to exchange my truth;
I have found the heart and will never leave
This house of light.
~ Rumi
ghazal 1653; translated by Azima Melita Kolin and Maryam Mafi


Here’s a few of my photos taken this Spring. I have been working on abstract photography for a few weeks now. These samples are some of the ones I really like. I thought I would post them along with the Rumi you tube, they sort of complement each other. Eve







No Death, No Fear – Spirituality



…The day my mother died, I wrote in my journal, “A serious misfortune of my life has arrived.” I suffered for more than one year after the passing away of my mother. But one night, in the highlands of Vietnam, I was sleeping in the hut in my hermitage. I dreamed of my mother. I saw myself sitting with her, and we were having a wonderful talk. She looked young and beautiful, her hair flowing down. It was so pleasant to sit there and talk to her as if she had never died. When I woke up it was about two in the morning, and I felt very strongly that I had never lost my mother. The impression that my mother was still with me was very clear. I understood then that the idea of having lost my mother was just an idea. It was obvious in that moment that my mother is always alive in me.

l opened the door and went outside. The entire hillside was bathed in moonlight. It was a hill covered with tea plants. And my hut was set behind the temple halfway up. Walking slowly in the moonlight through the rows of tea plants, I noticed my mother was still with me. She was the moonlight caressing me as she had done so often, very tender, very sweet… wonderful! Each time my feet touched the earth I knew my mother was there with me. I knew this body was not mine alone but a living continuation of my mother and my father and my grandparents and great-grandparents. Of all my ancestors. These feet that I saw as “my” feet were actually “our” feet. Together my mother and I were leaving footprints in the damp soil.

From that moment on, the idea that I had lost my mother no longer existed. All I had to do was look at the palm of my hand, feel the breeze on my face or the earth under my feet to remember that my mother is always with me, available at any time…

~ Thich Nhat Hanh


Goddess of The Ballad – Patti Boyd Marries Again – Video

aapattiWith Rod Weston – they’ve been together for almost 25 years. Congratulations!

Pattie is ten years older than her new husband but from the photos you wouldn’t think so. I’m sure Patti has had a few facials and make-overs just for this special day. I, for one, think she looks gorgeous. She was always my favourite Beatle lady, not just for her model looks, but because she always radiated something quite special. Patti, from what I knew about her, has always been a gracious lady.

I don’t know what her new husband does for a living. Does he write music? I doubt it. I’m sure if he did, he would write another song for Patti, although can any song ever compare to the two ( and perhaps more ) songs already written.

Today Patti is well known for her photography and, of course, her collection of early photos of the Beatles, especially George Harrison. She calls George her soul-mate but I now think she may have a new one. She is one lucky lady..  George Harrison - photo taken by Patti Boyd

George Harrison – photo taken by Patti Boyd


George Harrison in the snow, at Friar Park – photographed by Pattie Boyd (images courtesy of Pattie’s official website )


Patti and George dated and wed in January 1966. Patti served as inspiration for the classic Harrison song “Something” from the album Abbey Road (1969), as well as “I Need You” and “For You Blue,” from Help! (1965) and Let it Be (1970), respectively. A devotee of transcendental meditation, Boyd was responsible for introducing the band to the spiritual leader Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whom would also have a profound effect on Harrison personally and professionally.

Something’, perhaps the most famous songs written for Patti Boyd.


George Harrison was known to have liaisons outside his marriage, while his friend and collaborator, musician Eric Clapton, came to develop feelings for Boyd. Clapton penned the future Derek & the Domino’s classic ‘Layla for the object of his affections. In 1970, he shared the song with her at a flat and revealed to both Boyd and Harrison at a party that he was in love with her ; Boyd was dismayed, leaving the gathering with an angry Harrison.

Patti was romantically involved briefly with Clapton before returning to Harrison, though the marriage between the two eventually ended. She married Clapton in March of 1979. The two musicians were able to remain friends. Another song came forth with Boyd reportedly as muse –– Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight.”

Eric And Pattie

The Real You – Alan Watts – Video


“As the hand held before the eye conceals the greatest mountain, so the little earthly life hides from the glance the enormous lights and mysteries of which the world is full, and he who can draw it away from before his eyes, as one draws away a hand, beholds the great shining of the inner worlds.”

~Rabbi Nachman


What a beautiful quote from Rabbi Nachman, and a good lead-in to one of Alan Watt’s greatest video talks.. Hope you enjoy. Eve


Alan Watts – The Real You, a follow up to a previous post by Al Drucker, “Only God Is Real”