Let Me Touch Your Feet – Sathya Sai Memories


I remember the day well, it was the 21st June 1994, morning darshan in Sai Ramash Hall, Whitefield. Swami walked up and stood close to me. He took my letters, paused to read the envelope, then with a smile He came even closer while collecting letters being offered to Him from everyone around. He dropped one small note between his feet and I bent down to pick it up. The letter had fallen near His gown and I gently picked the letter up and offered it to Him, while engaged in the offering of the letter, I forgot to touch his feet – something I’d longed to do. It was not until after darshan that I pondered on how close He had been, surely, I thought, the dropped letter had been a hint? What a missed opportunity!

Many times during the following weeks I wanted to touch His feet but an opportunity did not arise. However, a few days before I left for home, Swami came over and took another letter and allowed me Padmanaskar. Everything I had asked Swami for that summer had come to pass and once I’d touched His foot, my trip was completed and I felt fulfilled.

Darshan to me has always been about those little things that happen, either through contact with Swami or sharing experiences with those around us.


It is ten o’clock at night here. I have just posted this story from my old website. I had no idea that the story would have the date mentioned. I had forgotten that I’d ever mentioned it. When I checked with my calender just now, I see it is 21st June, 2009, 15 years later. Wow! time goes by so quickly.

I now ponder on what made me chose to post this story tonight, when I am so very tired? As I said, I had no idea that it would contain the date of the experience.

– Sathya Sai Memories