The Cobra Story – Sathya Sai Memories

The Cobra Story

One of the residents of Mysore State was once asked in an interview by Swami, “Why have you come to Me?”

The man replied, “I have come to have your darshan,”

Swami answered, “Swami knows you have come to ask whether He can make you wealthy, is it not so?”

The man had to confess the truth, realising Swami knew everything and replied,

“Yes, Swami that is true.”

Then Swami pulled out one of his hairs and threw it on the floor of the interview room. On touching the floor it became a cobra. Swami asked the man to hold the snake but he said, “Oh No!” He was very much afraid of the snake and moved away.

Swami calmly said to the man, “do not worry, Swami is here come on, hold it quickly.”

The man petrified, refused to hold the snake.

At this point the cobra was moving into a gap between the interview room and the staircase.

Swami exclaimed, “come on, hurry and hold the snake now, while its head is in the hole. You can at least hold the tail!”

The person finally caught hold of the tail which turned into gold.

Swami said, “Swami wanted to give you gold equivalent to the length of the cobra. Now have you learnt a lesson from this blessing?”

The gentleman couldn’t answer.

Swami explained, “once you become wealthy, the wealth will bite you like the cobra, it will not let you sleep or rest. You will all the time worry about the income tax inspector or burglars and will always have hundreds of worries in your head and you will have to take tablets to sleep or to digest your food.”

Swami smiled and said, “be content with what you have with you. Always, remember, good health is real wealth in your life. Peace of mind is the best wealth you can possess!”

– from Facets Magazine 1990