‘Chez Moi’ – A Dream – Sathya Sai Memories


Toffee Chocolate Prasad Dream

In this dream, I was with an old friend beside the meditation tree. We were discussing how difficult it was to see swami now, having a little moan about how things had changed. Suddenly, there was swami! He took my hand and began shaking it in a ‘how-do-you-do’ fashion. He said “Oh! You’re here” – and other words I did not catch. He continued to shake my hand, then he ended with “Now, must go – ‘Chez Moi’. ”  He let go of my hand and when I looked at it, it was full of melted chocolate or toffee. He had held my hand and, I suppose, had placed a toffee there which had squashed with the hand shaking. I was happy with the ‘prasad’ even though I had to peel it off my hand! I gave some to my friend and others, but told them all, I could not give it all away as my husband deserved some.


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