The Master’s Boon – Myths and Legends


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The Master’s Boon


The young devotee, Meher, approached the Master, Maha Ramdas with awe and a great deal of humility. “Will you let me sit at your feet and learn from you, Oh wise one?” he asked.

“Of course,” replied Maha Ramdas . “But you may not like my method of teaching, it might not agree with you.” Meher answered, “Great Master, I want to learn and I am willing to undergo any task to find God.”

 “Yes, I know how you feel,” said the Master. “But you will find my commands and the discipline of this Ashram very difficult to follow – many have come before, and left because of my strict methods.”

Meher, though, was convinced that he would be perfectly obedient to anything the Master commanded. After only a few months of living with the Master, however, he had grown discontent and was no longer sure. The Master, although renowned for his wisdom, was often capricious and even cruel; all the last-minute changes in plans and schedules,the relentless discipline, the uncertainty of how the Master would react to anything, the intense effort to fathom his ways in the hopes of pleasing him, proved too much for Meher and he ran away.

Although he had run away from the great Master, he did not want to give up his search for God. One lonely night he prayed for a new Master, and to his surprise, the next morning he was guided to a great Yogi who was another prominent teacher of the day. He asked the Yogi to be his new teacher and Master.

 “Perhaps I have found my true teacher at last,” he thought to himself. But that night, as Meher was looking at the moon, he saw, to his amazement, the face of Maha Ramdas shining back at him.

Sorrow gripped him as he returned to the Yogi’s house to rest. The next morning he bluntly asked the Yogi: “Are you going to make my life miserable; will you be a hard task master…?” “Never,” said the Yogi – looking at him with a wry smile. Meher  relaxed a little.

“Then you will accept me as your disciple?”

 “First ask me why I won’t be strict with you and make your life miserable,” said the Yogi. This surprised Meher, “Well, tell me why?”

 “Because I would not love you and care for your well-being as Maha Ramdas cared for you. And whether you like it or not, he not I, still commands your heart, so it really is of little use asking to become my disciple. You should return to your Master who is waiting for you.”

Meher knew these wise words were true. He sadly left the Yogi, and returned to the Ashram of Maha Ramdas who accepted him back with much love. Soon he learnt to surrender to the wisdom of Maha Ramdas’s ways, and in time he became a great saint.

– Anon