A special Sai Baba Dream – Sathya Sai Memories


A dream from years ago.

Another very clear dream I recall of  Sai Baba came shortly after my husband’s accident in 1988.  I was in shock and completely overwhelmed  by the tragic ordeal. I went to bed  one night sobbing . I offered a short prayer for help ending in these words.  I don’t know who I am or where I am going now.

Sometime after midnight, I had a vivid dream of Swami. In this dream, he was sitting  in front of  my computer typing. I remarked upon this and said, ” Swami you are often discussed on the Internet” (or words to that effect.) He smiled and typed, L O V E. He said, “L” is for a word I didn’t catch – he went on to explain the o, v, and e in the same way. Then he said, ‘Love’ is – he said my full name.

I’d  use my single name of Mason on my new  passport.  Swami, in this dream, revealed his knowledge of the change in name.

Another dream came soon after. In that dream I saw Sai Baba’s hand reach for mine. He filled my hand with vibuthi.  I asked,  Swami what should I do with it?”

He answered. It’s thick!  Take the vibuthi with  water every day.

I asked Him was it also for my sick husband? He replied, “Yes, Yes, him too.”

On my next visit to Kodaikanal in 1999, Swami blessed several packets of vibuthi. He also blessed more this year at Brindavan.