Sai Dreams – Sathya Sai Memories Cont.



The year 2009 was a particularly hard one for me.  I had a series of illnesses that left me depleted and, at times, depressed. During the summer, I was alone at home due to my family working overseas. It was a hard time. Luckily I came through it and am fine again. Here are several Sai dreams I had during that lonely time. Nowadays, it is rare for me to have Sai dreams so these dreams came as a pleasant surprise.

Here are two that I feel I can share.

During September this year, I had a dream. In this dream I was sitting somewhere near to Sai in a place I cannot now remember. I was holding a small child in my arms. The child vanished and became a bird-like creature that fitted into the palm of my hand. I remember the little bird creature was wounded and I felt it might die.

Swami glanced over and beckoned to me to come and sit by him. I did. He then opened his mouth very wide – like huge as if his mouth was the whole universe, and my hand fitted right inside his mouth. He breathed on the tiny bird-like creature. I pulled my hand out of his mouth and to my surprise the little creature was well and healthy.






The second dream, also very clear, was very different. I remember in this dream that I did not suffer with tinnitus, an affliction that I have had for years. I felt elated that my ear was well and at last I did not have to listen to the ringing that so bothers me. I was walking towards a large bhajan hall in this dream. Once inside, I noticed Sai sitting on his chair while bhajans were being sung. Beside him, a prominent devotee was smoking a large cigarette! The devotee was right in front of Sai – he could not have been closer. (A symbol here, I suppose.) I sat further down  in the hall for a while. I noticed that my clothes were untidy. I stood to straighten them out. At that moment, the prominent devotee swung round to face me. I was so surprised by this and, as we sat face to face, I felt embarrassed …. Why I don’t know.  Sai looked at the both of us as if he was the witness to the event. I got up and left the hall.

Dreams are strange creatures.