God Is Love – Sathya Sai Memories

Sai Baba singing Satya, Dharma, Prema from the c.d. embodiment of love 2



God is Love and Love is God

Swami often tells us that “God is Love and Love is God,” but we misunderstand his meaning. We want love with conditions. (You give to me and I’ll give back to you – is that love?). It is the way human nature responds to the meaning of the word. But there is a higher love. Spiritual love doesn’t ask for rewards or payment. Spiritual love knows only abundance. By giving and sharing with others, true love replenished and fulfils itself naturally. (The little story below ,I wrote some 15 years ago.)

I found this wonderful chapter in ‘Glimpses of the Divine’,the author Brigitte Rodriguez is a permanent lady living in Puttparthi where she has enjoyed Swami’s physical presence for over a decade. I highly recommended her book to anyone wishing to learn more about Sathya Sai Baba in a deeply sensitive way.

God is love and love is God,” says Baba. But what is love? Love is a word that is hopelessly misused and misunderstood. Does not love basically signify a need of some kind, your love of this person of that thing to satisfy your need? The love between a man and woman satisfies the need, each for the other, whether it be physical, or companionship, or comfort, or another need. If there is no longer any need, love can turn to indifference, perhaps even hatred. Why do people, married or otherwise, change partners so often. For the simple reason, I think, that they no longer seem to satisfy each other’s particular needs.

God’s love has nothing to do with this worldly concept of love – love which always expects something in return for what is given. God’s love is love for love’s sake. It is without the slightest trace of self-interest. It is unconditional; it can also be cold as ice. This can occur, whether consciously or unconsciously, when our ego gives us an inflated sense of our importance, then God’s love freezes. “God’s love,” it has been said, “can be conceived only as a state of fullness, wholeness holiness – no words can be adequate. It is the very soul of the entire universe.”

Such love is manifested today here on earth as it was in the days of Christ, but now this love is supported by a tremendous power and dynamism. It penetrates all that comes in contact with it. It changes ugliness to beauty, darkness to light, ignorance to knowledge, selfishness to goodness, and awakens in every being the awareness of God’s presence. Great Teachers could be adequately described as “the Hope of Humanity.” They are initiating a new world order, and this is done solely by the majesty of the love that flows from them.

Without the spiritual values of life, there cannot be any peace and prosperity in the world. Without spiritual basis, even if people have eyes they are blind, even if they have ears they are deaf, even if intellectually brilliant they are insane. Spirituality alone confers true vision and makes us full and wholesome.

“Glimpses of the Divine’ -by Birgitte Rodriguez

Brigitte Rodriguez lived in Prashanti Nilayam Ashram for many years. She died some 5 years ago of Alzheimer’s in her room there. A fantastic lady with a wealth of knowledge to share, she is sadly missed.

Her book is still available on Amazon. I highly recommend it.