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The Hospital – Puttaparthi



We’ve already mentioned Keith Critchlow on our Sacred Geometry posts. Here is his own Sai story. The story can be found on other websites and from other sources. We have added it here to complete our sacred geometry series of posts.




“I am  the principal of the  Royal College of Arts in London and this is where I first met Isaac Tigrett. He came to my office one day and  introduced himself. I did not know who he was. My colleague beckoned to me and said that he was an entrepreneur and a Sai devotee. Tigrett understood my predicament and said, “I am the owner of Hard Rock café.” I was further confused with this statement. I’d never heard of  The Hard Rock Cafe. I did not know how to answer him.  Mr. Tigrett seemed to understand my confusion and came straight  to the point. “There is a saintly person in India. He needs an architect  to help him with his  new hospital. Would you like to help design the hospital?” I was glad to accept the offer. I’d always had an interest in seeing parts of India, also in  meeting  the saints whom I’d read about. I confirmed my willingness to help him and said,  “I am willing to come to India  as long as  my wife can travel.” After a positive reply,  Tigrett organized tickets for both of us to go to India.

First of all, we went to Bangalore and from there we travelled to Prasanthi Nilayam. Later we visited the Poornachandra Auditorium which is a huge building, rather like an aeroplane hanger.  Swami was there with a huge gathering of devotees. I felt embarrassed to be the only person wearing street clothes, as all the others were wearing white ashram clothes. The only other person wearing a coloured garment was Swami. He came over to me and asked, “So, you are the architect!” For the rest of the meeting, I sat on the floor with the other devotees.

The next day Swami called me for an interview. “Swami, I asked,  can  my wife join me?” On hearing an affirmative, I beckoned my wife to join me on the verandah. In the interview room, all the men sit on the right side and women sit on the left side. We did not know  the protocol so my wife sat next to me. Swami looked at us and in a low voice directed us to where to sit. “You are now in India.” he said.  Then Swami turned to me and said. “Come here.” I stood and went over to sit next to him. Swami then asked me quietly  “What do you want?”  I was confused by that remark.  I answered, “Swami, do you want me to be your architect for the Hospital?”

Swami stared at me. Then he repeated the same question again. I was overcome with the love that I felt flowing from him and said, “I want to serve you as an architect.” Until this day, I did not know why I said that! In his presence, I felt moved to say yes – that is how it is with Swami.  Although I am a scholar, my usual  ego-self humbled while in his presence. I politely told him that I would be his servant for life.

Then Swami waved his hand in thin air and created a ring. I had not expected to see him manifest a ring. It took me by surprise. Swami brought the ring close for me to see and then said, “What is there on the ring?” I could not see without my glasses, so I said, “I don’t know what’s on the ring.”  He laughed at my embarrassment, then said, “What is the use of an architect when you are unable to read ?”  I felt a little embarrassed by that remark. I learned that the letters A U M were  encrypted on the ring. Swami circulated the ring for everyone to observe. Then He took the ring and blew on top of it. The ring disappeared and another ring appeared. This time it  was a silver ring with a cross on top. I  recognized the cross without too much ado. Swami took the ring again and blew on the top of  it. This time another ring appeared with a  star and crescent moon on top. Then I realized that this holy man could do anything if he so desired. Then he took myself and my wife inside the small room for a personal interview.

Before I left the interview room, Swami put the ring on my  finger. The symbol now had changed  again to the  AUM. I realised the meaning right away.  I work for the Royal College of Arts which is a centre for Sacred Art. The college is instrumental in teaching religious and sacred geometry from all cultures.

(This story has been retold several times and therefore the wording might be slightly different from the exact words of Mr.Critchlow.)

source:– Keith Critchlow

The K.C. story has been retold by this writer due to errors in the internet version.