Only From Your Heart – Sathya Sai Baba Quotations

Only from the heart ♥ Can you touch the sky¸.•´♥ Rumi


My brother used to ask the birds to forgive him; that sounds senseless but it is right,for all is like the ocean, all things flow and touch each other; a disturbance in one place is felt at the other end of the world. It may be folly to beg forgiveness of the birds, but the birds would be happier at your side – a little happier anyway – and children and all animals, if yourself were nobler than you are now. It’s all like an ocean, I tell you. Then you would pray to the birds, too – in an all consuming love – that they forgive you your sins. Prize this ecstasy, however senseless as it may appear to men.-The Brothers Karamazov


When a person asserts that he is low and mean and that he knows but little, he becomes low and mean and his knowledge shrinks.We become what we believe we are. We are children of Almighty God, endowed with Supreme, Power, Glory and Wisdom.We are children of Immortality.When we dwell in this thought, how can we ever be low and ignorant?

– Sathya Sai Baba


Laying studies aside,

into a stream the books Kabir threw.

Out of alphabet letters – fifty-two,

he memorised RA-MA – only two!

(Ra Ma A Hindu God)