Be Still, And Know That I Am God – Inspirational Quotations

Close your eyes and you will see clearly

Cease to listen and you will hear truth

Be silent and your heart will sing

Seek no contacts and you will find union

Be still and you will move forward on the tide of spirit

Be gentle and you will need no strength

Be patient and you will achieve all things

Be humble and you will remain entire.

Interior of Notre Dame Cathedral

From the Writings of St. Augustine

When I love, what do I love? It is not physical beauty nor temporal glory not the brightness of light dear to earthly eyes, nor the sweet melodies of all kinds of songs, nor the gentle odour of flowers and ointments and perfumes, nor manna or honey, nor limbs welcoming the embraces of the flesh; it is not these I love when I love my God.

Yet, there is a light I love and a food, and a kind of embrace when I love my God – a light, voice, odour, food, embrace of my inner man, where my soul is flood lit by light which space cannot contain, where there is sound that time cannot seize, where there is a perfume which no breeze disperses, where there is a taste for food no amount of eating can lessen, and where there is a bond of union that no satiety can part.

That is what I love, when I love my God.