Unity Is Divinity – Sathya Sai Baba Quotations


Your Birthday and Mine

Man struggles through life in isolation, lost and unaware of his identity. The day that man becomes awakened, that will be his birthday and that will be My birthday.

These occasions when you meet together for My birthday give you the opportunity to think about the reality of life, a chance to establish your own identity and your relationship with all around you.

That is the background to the words “UNITY IS DIVINITY” because all is God and there is only God. That is the fundamental truth, and when you reach a full understanding of that concept, you will start to become awakened, reborn into a completely new way of life. Only then will you find it easy to put into practice the teachings of the Lord.

It will become a way of life, the only possible way, and it will bring with it such great joy and happiness, contentment and peace. It is the only way to find peace of mind, something which is so elusive while you continue chasing after false gods, the false values and ideals which haunt man while he struggles along the wrong path of darkness.

Man must awaken and see light, then he will be able to see through the illusion of much that he treasures and seeks.

Turn to God and look for God in your own heart. Realize that this is the real you, the spark of divinity that is everything.

All is divine, all is God, and UNITY IS DIVINITY.