The Awesome Power of Our Sub Conscious Mind – Daskalos

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Here is a story from the Spiritual Teacher Daskalos. It is through Daskalos, I learned about the importance of thought forms. A wonderful teacher,  Daskalos, helped many to reach a deep understanding of  spiritual laws. He, himself, healed many people during his lifetime.  He lived quietly and humbly, taking on only a few disciples.  I highly recommend that you visit his website, which is a tribute to his teachings. The website offers online virtue lessons which are pretty amazing in all areas of spirituality.

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The Awesome Power of Our Sub Conscious Mind

A Story from the Spiritual Teacher Daskalos – much  thanks to Researchers of Truth Website.

Daskalos tells a story of a rural farmer on Cyprus that fell prey to a medical doctor and a psychiatrist playing tricks with his sub conscious mind.   This farmer was healthy and strong.  But to test their hypothesis that the sub conscious mind affects even the health of the material body, the doctor told his friend the farmer that he looked ill and specifically that he had a certain disease with this and that symptom.   The farmer rejected the suggestion of the doctor saying, “No you are wrong, I feel very healthy and strong”.   However, even though he consciously rejected the idea that he was ill, the farmer’s sub conscious mind stored the suggestion of the doctor.   Then later in the day, the psychiatrist came and also told the healthy farmer he looked ill.  Again the farmer rejected the idea that he was sick and went on working.   Then a little later the farmer started feeling sick.  By the time the doctor came back again he found the farmer was indeed sick and showed the symptoms suggested by the doctor.  This time the farmer also claimed to be sick with the illness that the doctor had suggested.

I have seen many cases where such suggestions and auto suggestions produce a physical manifestation – or what we might well call an out-picturing from the sub conscious mind.  And there are also many documented cases where someone is hypnotized and told their bare arm would be touched by a hot cigarette, then the hypnotized person’s arm was touched with a pencil and the skin produced a blister.  How could a physical blister be produced by an ordinary pencil?   It was the awesome power of the sub conscious mind!  The sub conscious mind is so powerful that it can cure so-called “incurable” diseases as well as send a person to an early grave.   The sub consciousness does not discriminate; it just stores whatever information it is exposed to.  And that information (good or bad, true or false) does have a powerful influence on our life.   So we must be very careful with the sub-conscious mind and make a regular effort to discover and remove any harmful suggestions planted by ourselves and others.  And likewise we must be careful what we say to others because this too can take root in their sub-conscious mind whether they want it to or not.   And even greater care must be shown to the little children around us, as their sub conscious mind is even more porous and vulnerable to such implantation.

Returning now to the last part of Joshua’s parable of the Sower where He tells us: But others [seeds] fell on good ground and yielded a crop: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.” This statement also informs us of the principle of a seed…any kind of seed whether it is a plant seed or a thought/emotion seed (thought forms).  When a plant seed is implanted in good soil and receives the proper water and light that seed will produce many, many  more of its kind.  We can easily see the demonstration of this principle in the wheat fields of Kansas, the apple orchards of Michigan and the cornfields of Indiana.  Plant one seed of corn in the proper conditions and you will reap one corn plant with up to 6 ears of corn on it.  And each ear of corn produces an average of 800 seeds (kernels) per ear of corn.  So we see from sowing a single seed of corn we get a bountiful harvest of 4800 or more seeds.  That is a 4800% return.  What a rich result for sowing just one seed.   God has provided this kind of abundance in the laws governing the worlds of existence, which are within the Divine Plan.

As Above, So Below

This is how it works on Earth and this is how it works in the heavens, which we will enter when we leave this world.  But when we enter those heavens we will already find a ripe harvest waiting for us.  That harvest will be the result of certain emotional, desire, thought and idea seeds we have been holding to and attending to during our life on earth.  “I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matt 18:18

And if we find that our earthly or heavenly harvest is less that good; we can always stop, uproot the undesirable things in our life and make a step forward by planting better seed in straighter rows.    So it is very important that we make the effort to consciously choose good seed to plant in our field (our life, our personality) and avoid the bitter hundred-fold harvest of poor seed planted sub-consciously.   (Sub consciously planting means expressing thoughts, emotions, words and actions in habitual ways.)

The wise understand this law of manifestation and work with it consciously by intelligently choosing the seed thought forms they create and re-vitalize.  These elementals are the emotion/thought forms and thought/emotion forms.  I say emotion/thought forms and the thought/emotion forms because our (thought forms) – elementals are a mixture of both thought and emotion.   The life they have and the power they exert on our personality depends on the quantity and quality of the energy (ethers vitality) we give them.  We charge our elementals with power by virtue of the attention we give to them and the number of times we re-vitalize them by repetition.   If we stop giving attention to an elemental; it becomes dis-enerized and dormant.   If we water our elemental-seeds with little attention and only a few repetitions; we get weak and ineffective elementals.   If we water our seed thoughts/emotions with great regularity and intensity we create very, very powerful elementals.  And if we overdo it and the elementals get too much energy, we can lose control of them and they can take a kind of temporary possession of our personality.   In these kinds of cases, the personality will become plagued by: uncontrollable bouts of mental and emotional instability, fixed ideas, and OCDs (obsessive compulsive disorders) and in serious cases lead to insanity.