Dreams Of Sai -Sathya Sai Memories

This beautiful dream story has been passed to me for publishing here.

The beginning of the dream:

“Somebody unknown to me rang  at 5 a.m.  on my cell phone. Normally this is the time for me to go gym but I did not feel like it.The first thing I felt was being upset with Swami, “Saying to myself, Swami why did you not come to my dream I was so much expecting to see you….” ! I then fell asleep again after 5 a.m…..then I saw Swami very young, beautiful….First I was on his right side, there were green flowers between us, huge masses of them. Many people stood there in front of us. Swami was  giving a speech, it seemed like the year was 1950’…something like that.

Later I was sitting on some  steps … waiting for him to come down from what appeared to be an auditorium hall…..Swami came from  the top of the stairs and stopped by my side.

He materialized what appeared to be large amounts  of Kumkum. He, at first, began to put the kumkum on my forehead, then continued and covered the whole centre of my head. It felt, to me, very like  I was at a wedding ceremony; when the husband places  Kumkum on his wife’s head..I felt so much love. I  felt he’d  married me again…

I held his hands with my namaskaram position…His hand felt so soft.  I could feel lots of love flowing through me..My eyes were closed and all I wanted to do is feel his love through me and wanted to freeze the moment . Keep it forever with me.  I just did not want to let it go but at the same time I felt many people were waiting for him. I needed to let him go. Swami said beautifully, “Your love to me is Like Radha’s love for Krishna!!” and smiled.

I cried many tears.  They tears were simply bursting from my eyes. I touched  both his feet and kissed them. Such a beautiful feeling…

My whole body,  from top to bottom, was covered with  Kumkum materialized by swami..People around me were telling me he’d poured too much but I felt elated!

Once I opened my eyes,  it was 7 a.m.  Ram was trying to wake me up..But I did not want to wake, I wanted to stay there with Swami.