Good Feelings Are Like Flowers – Inspirational Quotations


Two kinds of human beings are able to forgive easily, little children and saints. Do you know why? Neither of them owns anything, so they have no attachments. Therefore nothing sticks to them and they are free.

Only a courageous heart has the strength to forgive others for what they have done and not done. For a courageous heart, your heart must become clean. And the heart becomes clean when you forgive others. Filled with forgiveness, you liberate yourself.


Compassion is a noble virtue. To be truly compassionate you must learn to think well of yourself and others. True compassion calls for great wisdom. When the compassion you feel for someone is genuine, you experience the light of Dharma (right living) shining inside your heart.

Compassion is the divine impulse that stirs within you when you come across someone’s ignorance or pain. Compassion is not just a feeling: you become the embodiment of compassion, so that wherever you go, everyone knows they will receive help.


Do you want to be happy? Be generous. Give credit to others’ good qualities, others’ virtues, and other’s goodness. Learn to give credit to what others have done. Become totally generous if you want to be happy.

Your greatness lies not in how much you have hoarded for yourself, but in how much you have given to others. A musician gives his melody; a dancer, her movements; a child, its innocence; a tree, its fruit; the ocean, its profundity; the sky, its vastness; the universe, its mystery. Because they give what they are, everyone longs for them. Their nobility lies in their offering themselves in charity.

Selections of talks by Gurumayi