Very Old ‘Sai’ Interview From The 1970’s. Sathya Sai memories Cont.

The youtubes are posted with the following introduction.

This is a video which recently came into my hands. So, I want to freely share it here with you. It’s an Interview Sai Baba gave to overseas (Australian) devotees on December 24th in 1978. The discussion taking place in the interview room, is about consciousness. The second talk given by Sai Baba below is also about consciousness and was presented in the Mandir at Prashanthi Nilayam sometime during the 1980’s.

A Young Sai Baba with early devotees

Sai Baba Speaks About Consciousness

During a talk given in the mandir at Prasanthi Nilayam, Sai Baba explained, “Divine consciousness is God. This consciousness is permeating everything. It is in an ant as well as in the Brahman, only in the Brahman it is self-aware, forever. There is nothing in the universe that is not God. The Divine is in everything. How can the unlimited  be limited to a certain form; that is the height of foolishness, I tell you. For the sake of human satisfaction you give name and form to the Lord, but in reality he does not have any form at all.

Matter plus energy is God. It is the energy of consciousness that has created the universe. Even in the smallest particle of matter such as electron, proton, and neutron is this  consciousness. Gold is gold even if it is shaped in all kinds of ornaments. In the same manner the Divine does not lose its Divinity because it forms itself in the material universe.

In the Upanishads it is affirmed that: ‘Brahman is the One beside whom there is nothing else existent…’ Brahman is the consciousness that knows itself in all that exists.”

That is what Sai Baba is telling us. He  is aware of himself in everything and in each and every one of us too. He assures us of this fact  in many different ways.

Sai Baba closed the talk by saying: “Who but a pathfinder, a Divine teacher can save man by leading him, like a beacon, to the path of real peace?”


It is further stated in the Upanishads that “Brahman is one with our soul and our true soul is our self or atma without which we could not breathe or live.” Baba’s life among us thus has profound meaning.  He helps us find our own true soul or self, to become self-aware, because he is one with our soul, as we are one with each other. This self-awareness is a mighty difficult job, but it is all that our sojourn here  on Earth is about.The reason we come to Earth.  All  is awareness. One cannot, however, attain this awareness without the Divine’s guidance, and it is supremely worthwhile to seek.

from a devotee’s diary