Divine Directions – Sathya Sai Memories


Question by Prof. K. Anil Kumar in Bhagavan’s presence :

” Swami, we are so devoted and dutiful (if not beautiful). In Prashanti Nilayam there’s Divine vibration, people smile, they are obliging, they are accomodating to the maximum. But the moment they leave, their personality is completely changed. Why is there such a contrast?

Baba: It only means that the message of Sai is NOT IMPRINTED IN THE HEART. That is the reason for such a digression, contradiction, divergence. Example: There is a paper with some words printed on it. Suppose there is a little breeze, the paper will move but the letters will not move. Likewise, your Heart must carry with it the Print of Sai teaching or message so that it will not move. We deviate from His teaching because the message has not been indelibly printed.

Taken from : “Divine Directions” by Prof. K. Anil Kumar.