Do Not Feel Sad – Sathya Sai Memories

Video with old film footage of Darshan during the early 1990’s. On the ladies side, a friend. On the men’s side, a very young Isaac Tigrett.

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People misunderstand this eternal truth, ascribing several names and forms to it.

When the formless God assumes a form, it is natural for human beings to meditate and worship that form. People derive great satisfaction and experience bliss by doing so. It is allright as long as that form remains. Once that divine form ceases to exist, what will you do? The happiness and bliss derived from the worship of a particular form of God are born out of your illusion only. The physical vestures last for a particular period and then cease to exist. Divinity takes different forms later.

For example, you are now attached to this physical body. You worship this body and derive great satisfaction and bliss thereby. But, after sometime, this body may disappear like the earlier Avatars.

Then you should not feel sad.

When the divine Atma embodied in this physical body reaches its eternal Abode, it is a matter of joy, not sorrow.

Over  many periods of time, God has incarnated as several Avatars. Be attached not to the physical form of a particular Avatar but to Divinity as the formless, attributeless, Parabrahma, which manifested as different Avatars in different ages.

23th Febr 09