Absolute Beingness (Relative Reality) – Daskalos

Here is one of my favourite lessons from Daskalos. He reveals in this lesson, the meaning of relative reality and how it works in human nature. We are all messengers of light, yet our desires bring us back here to this plane of existence time and time again, where the vibrations are dense and thick. We cover our light with our fears, which dims our ability to reach our highest potential. It takes many life-times to discover our immense power and light and what Daskalos calls our “Eternal Beingness”. This lesson is particularly well explained by Daskalos, on how the principles of the Divine work in nature and mankind.

The following lesson is somewhat difficult to follow in places but stick with it as it is truly amazing in its detail.   

Now in these worlds of Relative Reality anything created, anything that exists has to have a start; it must have a beginning and thus must surely come to an end sooner or later.   So our existence is in the worlds of relative reality and can not last forever. What happens when we stop existing?  What happens when we complete the human cycle of Existence (not just one incarnation) but the entire circle of Possibility for our human nature?  We Are. We are Individuality an eternal “I-ness”.  We are no longer a limited personality in time-space-place but a god within Beingness.  We do not become a god, we do not become perfect, and we do not become eternal. Rather we realize what we truly have been all along – a perfect god, an eternal Spirit-Being at one with the Creator.

Eventually we will come to realise our Divine Nature, our Individuality, and the magnificent state of Super-Light within Beingness. This state is virtually un-expressible by human intelligence and the limited languages of earth. So until we experience and know Beingness directly, we can only use limited words to point to this unlimited Absolute Reality.  And yet, we are also able to deduce something of the nature of Absolute Reality by studying its manifestation in Existence.

Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice great Hermes), the reputed author of the Hermetica, stated it: “As above so below”.  Beingness is our true home, our origin and final destination. The material plane, the psychical planes and noetical planes of Existence are only reflections.  They are our temporary homes to be used during our travels during incarnating.  But after too many aimless incarnations, after too many lifetimes of loitering about in the Worlds of Existence, we eventually grow weary. We tire of being blown here and there by the winds of our own Karma, seemingly without any control.  We become fatigued by all the mindless chasing after endless desires objects and experiences we want. Similarly we also become exhausted by struggling to avoid or prevent all the things we do not want to happen. At this point in our dualistic existence, we may start to raise our head above the clamoring complexity of our lives and seek real answers to the more meaningful questions of life such as: “Why do we suffer and what can be done to reduce suffering?”  “Who am I” (as a personality)? “What am I (as Spirit-Soul)?”  “Where have I come from and where am I going?” The short answer to the last question is ultimately: Absolute Beingness – that Absolute Realty we call God.

Daskalos coined the term Absolute Beingness to give more meaning to our understanding of God. The word “God” has been so overused, misused and abused throughout history that today it is not giving us an adequate conception about the characteristics of the Divine. One of the known characteristics of Absolute Beingness, God, is Total Self-Sufficiency – nothing is lacking and nothing is needed. Absolute Beingness as the Trinity has as It’s nature and expression the Total Wisdom, Total Love and Total Power. God is described as “Absolute Beingness” and “Absolute Infinite Beingness” because It contains an infinite number of Eternal, Spirit-Beings similar to God – True gods within The One True God. This is known as the Multiplicity of God. The Multiplicity of God does not mean that we have multiple Gods. There is but one God in His multiplicity. Multiplicity does not mean God is multiplying. Multiplicity means being in great numbers. These Eternal Spirit-Beings, these Holy Monadic Beings (meaning: The component parts of the Absolute) are the manifestation of the Multiplicity of God. A Holy Monad within Absolute Beingness is our Self in its truest Identity.  It may be helpful to think of all these Holy Monadic Beings as cells within the Multiplicity of God – composing the body of God so to speak. The Holy Monadic Beings have been called by other names in the past. At the time of Christ in Aramaic they were called: Benai Allaha, which means The Sons of God as well as Benai Or (Aur), which means the Sons of Light (of course at this level, the Spirit-Beings of Absolute Beingness are not expressing male or female characteristics).   

We can also identify another characteristic of the Divine, which we might understand as the Primal Cause. And that characteristic is known as the Will-Pleasure of God. It is God’s all-powerful Will and His in-exhaustible Pleasure to manifest Himself, within Himself as His entire creation.  The moment (which is eternal) God expresses (vibrates) His Will-Pleasure to manifest; it also resonates within all the Holy Monadic Beings as their own Will-Pleasure to manifest.  At which point, God and all the Holy Monadic Beings emanate the Mind as a formless Super-Substance to be used in building all the created worlds. So we have the Mind, which is to be used for creation. And we have those Beings who use the Mind according to the Divine Plan in building up all the worlds of creation (material, psychical, noetical and ethereal). Those glorious beings that use the Mind Self-Super-consciously in building up all the created worlds are known as the Archangels of the Elements. They are the Michaels, the Gabriels, the Raphaels, the Uriels and others. 

Following the blueprint of the Divine Plan with all its Archetypal Laws, Causes, Principles and Ideas, these creative Archangels commence their great works. They create all the Worlds of Existence (noetical, psychical, physical and their etheric counterparts) as well as everything existing in these worlds. In their supreme work, these Archangels lower the vibrations of the formless Mind Super-Substance to the frequency of Noetical Substance to build the planes and sub-planes of the fifth dimensional Noetical Worlds. It is here in the Noetical Worlds that we first see the appearance of forms – All kinds of forms. There are life-forms like the ones known on earth and other unfamiliar life-forms. Again, these are the worlds of Relative Realities and not the Absolute Reality, which is God. In these worlds we as researches will slowly and steadily ascend the ladder of relative truth towards the Absolute Truth – the Absolute Reality.

Lowering the vibrations of the Mind to a slower frequency, these builder Archangels use the Mind now as Psychical-Substance in the creation of all the 49 planes and sub-planes of the Psychical Worlds and all the forms living in these planes. Lowering the Mind to an even denser vibration the Lords of the Elements in a blaze of light (“Let There Be Light” as it is stated in the Bible or the “Hot Big Bang” as it is called by Science), literally materialize the Mind into Matter-Substance use in the creation of the entire physical universe.The creation of the physical universe and its onward evolution is governed by the Noetic Laws, Causes, Principles and Ideas, which now are apparent as the scientific laws discovered by physicists. These laws govern and control the long, long evolution of our physical universe in its progression as it is coalescing into all the galaxies, suns, planets, and moons. 

Our physical universe is as dense as the Mind vibrations get. In America the brightest star in the autumn sky is Sirius, which is really a double star (two suns). The suns of Sirius are made up of gases and the atoms of gas composing one of these suns are so densely compacted that science believes it weights around 6,000 pounds per cubic inch. That is the equivalent of the weight of a large SUV truck in the size of a small cube of chocolate.  And yet all this weight is not solid or liquid but a highly compressed gas. Can you imagine Mind vibrations lowered to such a dense state?

It is here in the densest of all the Worlds of Existence that we find ourselves as personalities seeking to unfold spiritually. Our personalities have been built up with the good and not so good Elementals (thoughts, emotions, desires and behaviors) over time. Just as a building is built brick by brick our personality has been constructed by the various elementals we continue to harbor and express. So our own unique way of thinking, feeling and acting is shaping the way we view the world, the people around us, as well as the way people view us. This process creates a shell of phsyco-noetic emotional/thought forms… forms with purpose, power and life, which exert their good or bad influence on us. Our perceptions and ways of understanding the conditions and people around us is greatly affected and distorted by the quality and quantity of the elementals composing our shell which has become our Personal Reality. The Personal Reality of each of us is quite unique. Although there are common elements and themes in people’s Personal Reality, there are no two that are identical. Even in the case of “identical twins” their personal reality differs. Thus the “reality’ we see around is tinted by our own unique psycho-noetic shell as if we were looking through colored classes. This highly conditional Personal Reality is summed up by the old adage: “If a pickpocket meets a saint, all he sees are the saint’s pockets”. 

When the shell of our Personal Reality becomes dark and dense through the accumulation of negative thoughts, feelings, compulsions and fixed ideas we are in real danger. A case in point:

There was a famous murder case in America a few decades ago. A successful business man was living in a beautiful old mansion with his wife, children and mother. One day he killed them all and disappeared. Recently he was caught and brought to justice. He told the authorities that the reason he killed his family was that his business had failed and he was no longer able to support his family as he had spent all the available money and was in debt for over 100,000 US dollars.  Furthermore his parents had instilled in him a very rigid idea about a man’s duty and responsibility to support his family and to never bring shame on them. This idea had become so fixed in his mind that when he started to go bankrupt a great guilt came over him. He was so influenced by this fixed idea not to bring shame on his family that he decided it was better to kill them all and bear the guilt himself. He reasoned to himself that his family was good and they would go to heaven when they died. So rather than telling them about the $100,000 debt, he thought it better to kill them as mercifully as possible and spare them the public shame of bankruptcy. This is a chilling example of the power that fixed ideas and unnatural guilt can have on us. Even more regrettable, was that his fixed ideas did not allow him to look up see a better way out of his problem. As it turned he walked passed the solution to his financial problem each and every day.   After the murders, relatives in the family went to sell the house. In the process they discovered that the large leaded glass artwork in the ceiling of the entrance hall of his home was created by the famous designer.  It alone was worth a quarter of a million dollars. His salvation was starring him in the face all along but he just could not see it because of the dark veils of his fixed ideas.

So beware of fixed ideas, inflexible opinions and unsubstantiated notions.  

As researchers of truth, we begin our research of our own personal reality. We begin by introspecting on our own actions and especially our re-actions to the people and conditions around us right now. We research by using the our latent power of observation to expose incorrect thoughts, negative emotions, enslaving desires, and unhealthy life patterns; that seal us off from truth, love and real life.

What will this research produce? We will discover that our thoughts, emotions, and desires (good or bad) are ours; we are responsible for them and their effects on us and those around us. They are ours but they are not us because we can change them, reshape them or abandon them completely. So if we are not our body, not our emotions, not out thoughts, then what are we? This is the aim of a researcher of truth – to discover who and what he or she really is. In doing so, we learn who we are as a personality with all our conflicting strengths and weaknesses. We will discover something of our psychical body. This is the body that we will find our self in after the death of our material body.  And we will come to know about our noetical body. (one of three bodies that make up our present self-conscious).

This is the body we will find ourself in after the event known as the second death. But this is not the end of our research, those who persevere will continue on to discover and experience what they all are beyond their three bodies and what they are as Self Awareness beyond the Human Form. The glorious experiences that await sincere researchers that do not faint in the face of challenges, trials and tribulations are beyond our current comprehension or even our best imagination.

From the moment of our projection from Beingness into the three Worlds of Existence, and back again, we have traveled and will continue to travel with one of the sweetest gifts from God – Our Guardian Angel. Our Guardian Angel expresses his steadfast love and Super-Conscious care to us always. His voice sounds inside us, gently directing and flawlessly guiding us through life. His voice gives us courage to face the challenges presented in our long cycles of incarnations in the Worlds of Existence and to complete the Circle of Possibility of our human existence. The Guardian Angel of each one of us is always speaking to us in the language of real love…but how many are listening? And when most people first start to become aware of this inner dialogue with their Guardian, the person thinks they are talking to themselves. I wish that all of you develop a ever expanding conscious connection with your Guardian who will immediately teach you what real love is by his example. And his example is the way he loves and cares for you.  The conscious dialogue between you and your Guardian is true Communion – he is you personal emissary from the Holy Spirit and will never fail you or ever leave you.



from Researchers Of Truth website virtue lessons.