The Story Behind The Photo – More Sathya Sai Memories

On the slopes of Sathya Deep, Dharmakshethra.It was the year 1967, and Swami had inaugurated the Sathya Deep, at Dharmkashethra, and had occupied the holy place as His Divine Residence. There were not much of travelling facilities to this location. All the public programmes were arranged in the western part of Andheri, and the organizers had not expected crowds in Dharmakshethra. However, when Swami returned back to Dharmakshethra, after the valedictory functions in Bhavan’s college in Andheri west, it was all a different scenario.The Sathya Deep was shining atop a small hill as a fully blossomed Lotus flower, reflecting on the rays of the setting sun. The surroundings of the hilltop was filled stones and pebbles, and had just a small road to drive up to Bhagavan’s residence. All the open grounds had been occupied by thousands of devotees. There was no organized proramme over there. Devotees were singing bhajans in various small groups, as Bhagavan was driving up. Bhagavan alighted from His fiat car, and walked towards the brim of the slope. There was a heap of excavated sands dumped at the edge of the slope. Bhagavan looked down at his dear devotees. Swami signaled for a mike set to be fixed there on the sand itself. A single mike and small speaker was kept on the slopes. Swami abruptly sat on the heap of the sands, folding his legs, and started singing His most favorite Bhajan songs. For a while the Divine Bhajan session was flowing like nectar towards the devotees sitting down the slopes. Swami indicated the end of the sessions with the song of “Subramaniam, Subramaniam…” The devotees departed from Dharmakshethra, more than satisfied.

The place from where Bhagavan was sitting and singing had become a holy spot. During Bhagavan’s subsequent visits to Mumbai, Swami used to give Dharshan in the early morning standing on this spot, after Nagar Sankeertan. Later on a Sarva Dharma Stupi was also built in this holy spot.

Sai Ram.

source: Bombay Srinivan