The Gift Of Darshan – More Sathya Sai Memories

this video is in HD and is clear. Maybe it will be slow but that’s how vimeo works.


Darshans up until the time Swami stopped walking were wonderfully relaxing. We sat for only a short while before Sai came out from his home in the Poornchandra Hall. We sat there expectant and anxious. Most of us had letters or something we needed to convey to him,  sometimes we only wanted to whisper an “Om Sai Ram.”

One day a friend of mine, held out her passport instead of the letter that she had intended to offer to Swami, he blessed the passport! Such was his mischief. (Perhaps there was a message in the blessing of the passport. One never knows!)

While  he slowly moved along the red carpet, every eye was on his shining form. Sometimes we could see an aura around his head, like a mirage in the desert, all hazy  and wavy.  I remember how quiet it was back then. How respectful people were. We would often be talking softly for a little while beforehand, but always, I’d say at least ten minutes before his appearance, Sai’s  darshan could be felt. We would all suddenly go very quiet and a certain hush would envelop us in a soft vibration. It was simply magical. Here is a video of that time, called Gift Of Darshan.


 I Only Wanted Swami To Talk To Me! – A Darshan Story

On one of my visits to Puttaparthi, I had a really great experience with Swami. (I think it was during 1999). I was feeling very down and out.
 I was feeling very small and insignificant and unworthy of even    talking to anyone.  I was just keeping to myself. then I prayed to Baba to talk to me  because that would make me feel better and worthy of being talked to by others also. With that thought, I went inside sai kulwant hall after having drawn  4th token (or something near to that no.) and I was  sitting in the second row in darshan on the men’s side.

Then the music started and Baba  came out from the Poornachandra Auditorium. He used to walk then. He shuffled forward taking letters, blessing trays. Finally he was opposite my row. He spoke to someone there.  Then He suddenly turned towards our side. There was a Russian sitting  in front of me.  Baba said something to him. Then suddenly He was looking at me and  saying something  in Telugu (I think because I heard something like “neevu” which is a Telugu word). My head was spinning. I couldn’t believe Baba was talking to me !! At the same time the thought passed thru my head “could Baba be mistaking me for some other guy, some Telugu guy”?? I dismissed that thought as soon as it came because i knew that  Baba knows everything. He doesnt make mistakes. Then Baba repeated what he must have said earlier, in English.  He said “Where have you come from ?” I was still too stunned to reply. Baba spoke a third time.  This time in Hindi. He said “Keedhar se aayaa?” meaning again  “where  had I come from.” I managed to say “SAI, Mumbai”. Then Baba threw up His hands in the air as if I had given the wrong answer and He said
“Oh!! Bombay!”

Then He proceeded to make vibhuti right in front of me and gave some to a Telugu farmer sitting next to me. Others nearby  stretched out their hands and Baba kept giving vibhuti to all. Finally  I also picked up the courage to stretch my hands out for vibhuti. But  Baba just turned away. When i was praying to Baba earlier in the  day, I had told him that “I dont want vibhuti or anything else,  Baba,  please just talk to me.” By turning away Baba displayed His omniscience. He proved to me that He knew my thoughts.  What a proof !! I sat there with tears flowing down my cheeks and couldn’t stop crying long after darshan. People would just look at me and I was not able to say anything. They just nodded
 knowingly and said “Ananda” meaning bliss !! Baba does hear and answer  our prayers. He knows everything.

-from a friend