Let Go, Let God – Early Devotees

Here is a wonderful “Sai teaching story” from Al Drucker. The same  can be found  on his website at http://www.atmapress.com/.  I never got an opportunity to speak to Al, although I heard much about him during my time in Prashanthi Nilayam. Al, was one of the first Westerners to arrive at Swami’s feet, and was given a rare glimpse into the inner sanctum of Sai Baba’s ashram. He enjoyed a physical closeness that few people in later years could ever imagine. Luckily he has written down many of his accounts.


Let Go, Let God

Once I complained to Swami, “Swamiji, the spiritual path is so difficult.”

“No,” he said, “it is very easy, easier than anything else in the world.” He took his handkerchief and grasped it in his hand very tightly.

He said, “You see, this is difficult. But spiritual path is not this. Spiritual path is very easy.” He just opened his hand and the handkerchief fell down to the ground. “You see how easy it is. Letting go is easy. That is all there is to it.”

So when we reach the point when we want nothing else but God and to fill ourselves only with God, then we are on the spiritual path. And that is not really so difficult. All we have to do is just let go of everything else.

One time he came up to me on the verandah and asked, “Drucker, what do you want?” I laughed at his twist of my name and I answered his question, “Swamiji, I’m very content. I’m satisfied.”

“You mean you want nothing?” he asked, with some astonishment in his voice.

I said,”Swamiji, all I want is God!”

“That’s not NOTHING,” he said quite forcefully, “That’s EVERYTHING… that’s health, wealth, freedom, liberation, bliss…” And he continued on with a long list of good things. Then he added, “Nothing is there!” pointing to the world outside the ashram, “Everything is here! Everything!” and he pointed to my heart.

So, it is all already here within us, one hundred percent; nothing more needs to be given. Only the veil of ignorance must be removed. The room may have been dark for thousands of years, but the sunlight will always be waiting. Pull away the curtain and instantly the darkness will be replaced by a dazzling flood of light.