Sacred Lingam Materialised by Swami – Sathya Sai Memories

Anil Mehta, a facebook friend and former student of Swami’s College in Puttaparthi, visited Puttparthi during 1998, and was fortunate enough to have a Lingam materialized for him. Swami told him the Lingam was not for his personal use but was to be placed in his Sai Centre in South Africa.    

“Swami asked me where is the Sai Center in Kenya, in your house or elsewhere? I said Swami it is separate and is very nice. We also have a Sarva Dharma Stupa just like the one here in Parthi. Swami suddenly materialised a LINGAM and gave it to me. I said thank you. I said, Swami in 1984 exactly 14 years back you told me that you will give me a SHIVA LINGAM. Swami said whether 14 yrs or 400 yrs whatever I say has to come to pass because I AM SATHYA SAI which is TRUTH. Swami then quickly said this Lingam is not your private property this for everyone. Swami said “put the Lingam in the center and  pour one  or two spoons of water daily over it, to give it to the sick and needy”. I said, “Swami should this be kept under lock and key?”  He said no, because nobody can steal it. Somebody asked should there be some sthapna pooja?  He said no tantra, no mantra, no need. Swami then took it back from me and wrapped it in an envelope and  placed it in my hands.”