Swami’s Omnipresence – Sathya Sai Memories

•♥•.¸ૐ•♥•Om Sai Ram!!…•♥•.¸ૐ•♥•

Here is a Wonderful Incident of Swami’s Omnipresence told by a former student of Bhagawan’s University :

It was a serene evening in the Mandir during the rainy season of 1990.
Swami had completed His usual Darshan rounds and had called some
devotees for interview. All the students were eagerly waiting for
Swami to come out and spend some time with them. They were surprised
by the sudden brush of a cool breeze that heralded soothing showers.

It was the time when the Sai Kulwant Hall had not yet been built. To
those directly exposed to the scalding rays of the sun, the rain was a
welcome relief. To the students it meant a blanket permit to rush
forward and occupy the front portico of the Mandir. It was a vantage
spot as it gave us the advantage to be very close to the interview
room door so that when Swami came out, His gaze in our direction was
guaranteed. I was then in my second year of the MBA programme. Along
with another brother of mine I was blessed to secure a strategic spot
in the front portico. From here we had a clear view of Swamis chair
in the Bhajan Hall.

As the rain persisted without any respite, I began reading a book on
Swamis miracles in Africa . I was particularly drawn to an incident
where two of the devotees who were driving a car on an express way at
speeds over 110 km/h suddenly met with an accident. Their car was
thrown out of the express way and into the bushes. The car was totally
smashed and there was no chance that its occupants would survive such
a crash. The devotees in the car however had taken the Lords Name on
their lips at the critical juncture and had escaped unscathed. They
were nonplussed and thanked Swami for His Omnipresence. I was quite
overwhelmed by this incident and happened to share it with the brother
beside me. I couldnt but help remark Look Swami is in Africa also.

Some moments later the interview room door opened. Swami came out and
stood on the upper portico of the verandah in the Mandir. He paused
and looked at me and my brother for a few seconds. I looked at Swami
with reverence. Suddenly Swami asked the students sitting in front of
me to make way. A path was made for Swami in the tightly packed
verandah. Before I could realise Swami walked straight up to me and
then paused. Gazing into my eyes He remarked, ” Dunnapotha! You are
talking in the verandah.”

Then after a small pause He continued, “I am here. I am in Africa. I
am everywhere.” Saying this, He walked away with a nonchalant gait. Do
Do I have to say anymore?