Transcendence – Inspirational Quotations

The Interior of The Cathedral notre Dame On Christmas Eve.

“Man is a being who transcends himself, passes out beyond his own limits, a being with a tendency toward mystery and the infinite. But the experience of the transcendent, of transcending, is an inward, spiritual experience, and in this sense it may be called immanent. But here immanent does not mean than man remains within his own bounds, but rather that he passes out beyond them.

The transcendent comes to man from within, from the depths. God is deeper within me than I, myself, as St. Augustine has said, I must transcend myself. The depths within a man may be closed off, and these depths demand a break-through, transcendence. Through this transcendence the secret in man is made manifest: this is revelation.” Nicholas Berdyaev

ॐ Beautiful Reflection ॐ

Here are a few details on  Nicholas Berdyaev – 1874 – 1948:  Compared with most philosophers, Berdyaev’s thoughts and writings are vibrant, fresh, alive. From the way he writes I get the sense he struggled with his ideas as Jacob wrestled with the angel. Although his home was more in the realm of spirit than of ideas, he knew that domain well and entered it with passion. He saw it as the arena where the struggle is actively being waged between freedom and determinism, creativity and passivity, noumena and phenomena, and so on.