Compassion – Metta Teachings

I thought this might be interesting to you folks. I really enjoy the writings on “Metta,” Loving Kindness and like to add them to the blog from time to time.  This little piece says so much about  Compassion and how it can be achieved and that is by taking one small step at a time.

“Compassion is not a magical device that can instantly dispel all
suffering. The path of compassion is altruistic but not idealistic.
Walking this path we are not asked to lay down our life, find a
solution for all of the struggles in this world, or immediately rescue
all beings. We are asked to explore how we may transform our own
hearts and minds in the moment.

Can we understand the transparency of division and separation? Can we
liberate our hearts from ill will, fear, and cruelty? Can we find the
steadfastness, patience, generosity, and commitment not to abandon
anyone or anything in this world? Can we learn how to listen deeply
and discover the heart that trembles in the face of suffering?

The path of compassion is cultivated one step and one moment at a
time. Each of those steps lessens the mountain of sorrow in the

Pema Chodron – Buddhist Nun

photo source: Jeff Moore