Sri Ramakrishna And The Divine Mother with More Sathya Sai Memories

Very hard to imagine a soft and pretty song such as this, can be dedicated to the Goddess Durga. This song or chant is a mix of both the traditional styles of chanting and modern day music. I like it and added here for you to enjoy. Tomorrow, hopefully, I will upload one of my special pictures of Goddess Durga from an old print, bought years ago.  (The photo here is not mine. It came from the internet.)


Here’s a short excerpt from a discourse given by Swami during 1997. Might add I will be away for two months from middle Feb. I hope you, during that time, will explore the back posts on this blog. I am sure there is something here for everyone..



Devi’ Compassion And Grace

Among the many lessons driven home to the students in Brindavan by Bhagavan Baba in His evening discourses in April, 1997, in Trayee Brindavan’, one was concerned with the need for firm determination on the part of a devotee to earn the grace of the Lord. Bhagavan related an episode from the life of Adi Shankara as a young lad.

“The great Acharya was barely four years old at the time. His father, a devout scholar, used to offer daily worship to Goddess Raajeshwari every morning. Meditating before the Goddess with closed eyes, he would offer a bowl of cow’s milk to her. When he opened his eyes after meditation, he would find that bowl was only half-full, the other half having been accepted as an offering by the Goddess. One day, he had to go to a neighbouring village for three days. He told his wife to arrange worship of the Goddess in the customary manner with the offering of milk, with the young Shankara deputizing him in the worship. In accordance with his father’s instructions, the young lad sat in front of the Goddess in the sanctum and performed the prescribed ritual. After meditation, when he opened his eyes, he was astonished to see that the bowl of milk offered to the Goddess remained full. He felt sad and cried out: ‘Divine Mother! What wrong have I done? I cannot bear this punishment. Please show your grace on me as you did for my father.’ He prayed intensely for some time with closed eyes. When he opened his eyes he saw that the bowl was now totally empty. All the milk had gone. He was in distress again and cried out: “Devi! You have consumed all the milk. Where is our share of the Prasadam? If we are denied this, what mother will say and what will others think? I will not leave this place till the bowl is refilled.’ In response to fervent prayers, the Goddess spoke: “Dear child! When the river has joined the river, how can it be redirected? Shankara said: ‘Nobody will believe me when I say that no milk was left in the bowl after my worship. They may think that I drank all of it. I cannot face them. Devi! Without your Prasad, I will not leave this place. I will lay down my life at your Feet.” Swami concluded this moving account of the episode with the following finale: “Devi Raajeshwari’s heart melted on hearing the young boy’s appeal. She took the bowl and poured her Divine breast-milk into it and gave it to the young devotee.’ The compassion of the Divine, Swami said, has no limits.” Sai Baba. SS. 6/97. p. 153

A Short Story:

Sri Ramakrishna and the Divine Mother

Shri Ramakrishna worshipped the Divine Mother in the form of Holy Mother.  Sarada Devi was the presiding Deity or Sangha-Janani of the Ramakrishna Order.  During 1901, in a mysterious way, the Divine Mother was worshipped at Belur Math with all festivity and éclat.  Swami Brahmananda saw a vision of Mother Durga coming from Dakshineswar on the Ganges.  At that very time Swamiji was also coming from Calcutta.  After reaching Belur Math, Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) felt a deep desire to worship Mother Durga.  Holy Mother was  invited on that sacred occasion and Sankalpa of the Durga puja took place in her name.  From that time, Durga-puja is worshipped  in the Belur Math and other branch centers in the same manner.

To accept God as Mother is, according to Shri Ramakrishna, the final word in spiritual striving.  It is indeed, to some at least, the smoothest and surest way of having God-vision.  Shri Ramakrishna never condemned any form of approach to God but insisted that the one of a child to its mother was the purest, safest and best.  Let us accept any attitude towards God according to our mental predilections, and develop the helplessness, restlessness, intense longing, faith and surrendering attitude of a child for its mother’s arms.  Sincere prayer never goes in vain.  Through genuine prayer we may get spiritual illumination.

– Ramakrishna used to worship Goddess Kali so I am somewhat surprised to learn of his devotion to Goddess Durga puja also. 
The Goddess Kali, Calcutta, 19th century. watercolour on paper.