The Quest For Light – Inspirational Quotations

The quest for this Light has been the perennial purpose of life. This Inner Light is the Beloved within, the Bride of the mystical wedding. All human relationships are rehearsals preparing us for our metaphysical romance:the cosmic love-making of the sparkle of light encountering the bon fire, the small candle flame entering the sun, the lotus bud blooming, human becoming angel.

The light within each one is being born.

Julie Redstone

The future of the earth is the future of God’s expression within the realm of the physical, both within physical matter itself and within the consciousness of men. The new world that is being born, even today, holds sacred reality at its center, no longer separated from the truth of its immersion in a sanctified and holy universe that has been created and blessed by the One Creator of all.

The future of the earth is shaped by light’s present intensification upon the earth as ordained according to a Divine timetable that it be so – a timetable that is now activating a movement on a planetary level into a higher dimension of consciousness. This planetary activation, brought about by the higher frequencies of light, has, as an additional consequence, the purification and release of all that is not of the light into individual and collective awareness so that only purity, light, and love remain and so that the dominant frequency pattern of the earth and her inhabitants can blend with the frequencies of the higher dimensions of light.

Movement into the earth’s future began long ago, in the progressive infusion of a longing for spiritual truth into the earth’s energy body so that despite the fact that society was becoming more and more complex, with more and more of an acceptance of a standard for itself that departed from its sacred origins, despite this, the inner collective heart of humanity beat more strongly with a longing for true spiritual enlightenment and for a return to a different way of life. These two trends, so at odds with each other, have been with humanity for a long time now, and they are, for the first time today, being addressed so that the next step in the earth’s spiritual evolution can take place.

The higher frequencies of light coming to the earth today bring with them a new consciousness of oneness. They alter the existing pattern of separation and alienation which has given rise to conflict over the centuries, and permit the installation of a new pattern within consciousness that acknowledges that what harms another also harms myself, since the other is part of myself.

This growing awareness of the other-as-self is part of the future of the earth, as are the energies of love and compassion which such an awareness generates. Out of this beginning shall come the motivation to create the firm foundation for a new society – one in which responsibility for the well-being of all, rather than the well-being of a few, shall prevail, and one in which the earth herself will be cared for by all, rather than used by all without adequate concern for her well-being and longevity.

We move into the future of the earth today with a mixture of hope and celebration as well as with ongoing distress over the unhealed portions of the earth’s functioning that continue to cause great suffering for many. These unhealed aspects of planetary consciousness are coming into sharper focus today as part of the earth’s purification, so that the darker energies which give rise to such separation, no longer hold sway within the human mind or heart. Ultimately, the earth and all of her inhabitants will be free of these energies, for the Mind and Heart of God have ordained that it be so – that the future of the earth be a future of peace and hope for all, and that the earth itself become a sanctified and holy planet of light. May it be so, and may the earth itself and all of her inhabitants be blessed.