Flowers Can Speak – More Sathya Sai Memories

beautiful photo of Swami when he was young


“When words escape, flowers speak.” – Bruce W. Currie.

Sai Story from 1980′s

“On one occasion, when I’d not yet grasped the entire meaning of Swami’s divinity, I imagined that he had committed a serious blunder in the guidance he was providing for me. I felt I’d had enough of the ashram life and  perhaps the time had come for me to leave India.

I returned to my roundhouse room at the back of the ashram in quite a confused state of mind. To my surprise, when I arrived at my room, I found a garland of flowers, about twenty-five inches long, hanging on the door handle. The sweet and pretty flowers  looked like  jasmine, and had  been freshly picked. The snowy white flowers dew-fresh, were of a very rare variety that is not usually found in the village of Puttparthi. I thought, “Who could be so crazy as to hang  such a beautiful garland on my door?” Naturally I took the garland inside and hung it over one of Swami’s  pictures, from where it spread its heavenly fragrance throughout my room. When, in time, the garland withered, I threw it out without thinking any more about it. A short time later, however there was another jasmine garland hanging on my door, although this time a different variety of the pretty flower, and not quite as fresh and beautiful as the first. My Indian name is Gita, and it was as if the garland was saying, ‘Silly Gita, don’t you know who sent you these flowers?” At last I understood and immediately wrote a letter to Swami to thank him. At darshan he took my letter with a smile.”
– Birgitte Rodriguez
– Glimpses of the Divine.


Jasmine, a common flower found all over India. In fact, Sri Aurobindo described it as a psychic or soul flower.