“All I Want Is God Consciousness, says George H.” – Children Of Light

Namaste♥ ॐ♥Pranam♥ ॐ♥Namaskar

gurur brahma, gurur vishnu, gurur deva mahaeshwara gurur sakshat, parabrahma, tasmai shri gurave namah. I offer homeage to my guru, the prayer said, who is as great as the creator Brahma, the maintainer Vishnu, the destroyer Shiva, and who is the very energy of God.



Years after the death of George Harrison, I suddenly became interested in what made the man tick. I was never a Beatle fan, nor anyone’s fan. Pop music had it’s place in my life, but not in a big way. Pop concerts and the “groupie” thing did not appeal to me. I saw it as something utterly stupid, a waste of time, when life offered so much more to be  hooked on. The seeds of my interest in George Harrison only began when I heard several of his chants on youtubes. I was not listening to the “Beatle” George Harrison,  but the spiritual George.  Prior to YouTube, I had not known much about his spiritual music.

His impressive renditions of Hindu bhajans and chants really made me want to know more about him. Thus, I bought several books on his spiritual life  to read and find out more. Here are several quotes from the  book, “Here Comes The Sun” by Joshua M. Greene. This was the book  that touched my heart and took me on a journey into George’s inner life.


George Harrrison Quotes:


“Nobody was committed to that type of music in the pop world. There was a real need for that exposure. So rather than sitting and waiting for somebody else, I decided to do it myself.”


“My Sweet Lord” featured George’s friend and organist Billy Preston. Scoring a Sanskrit mantra to Preston’s gospel rhythms proved to be a musical inspiration, Hindu revivalism, the pop equivalent of interfaith prayer.


“One of the things about people who are famous, Dorn said, especially  from  the sixties and seventies, is that they tended to be, in my view, unbearable to be around. George didn’t have that extreme star thing. He didn’t have any of those silly trappings that a lot of people put on when they become, you know, so publicly spiritual that you want to push them down a flight of stairs. He wasn’t wrapped up in himself. We had this conversation how you have to follow your heart, and your instincts, and at the same time serve people through the projects you’re involved with. In that sense, he was unique in the circles I  went with in those years. I didn’t catch any false humility. “

page: 220 – All things Must Pass

Part of George’s charm is that he always feels so inadequate to repay the world for what the world has given him.  Simple acts of kindness have become an art with him.

He would pay people’s hospital bills and do other random acts of kindness – not so that people would think well of him but simply because he believed kindness should be done in the world. O.kay,  he was on a spiritual search, but he was a good human being.  Our mum always taught us to be careful about judging good or bad. Her criterion was, “Does this harm anyone?” If so, then it was wrong, and George lived by that.”

-Louise, George’s sister.

excerpted from Here Comes the Sun. page. 221 ~ Joshua M. Greene

Hey has anyone noticed Harrison = Harri-son = Son of Hari (Krisna)

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