Swami Speaks About Animals – More Sathya Sai Memories



I remember way back in 1994 when Baba called us all into the small hall in Brindavan, Whitefield,  for a talk. Among the topics discussed that afternoon was the importance of animals. He told us not to eat meat because by eating meat we do the same harm as the butcher who wields the knife to kill. He also talked that afternoon about marriage. “Don’t become a centipede” he said.  “Remember you have two legs, when you marry you gain another two legs, now you have  four legs. Every time you have a child, another two legs are added to you. Then before you know it, you have become a centipede.” –  Now this sweet story. ~ Enjoy:



“Once in Trayee Brindavan after Morning Darshan had got over and Swami had called a group of devotees for an interview. As Swami was walking towards the interview room, He noticed that a large group of ants had formed a long line and were in the process of picking up the remains of a dead moth. What Swami did after that was absolutely stunning ! He lifted His robe and jumped over the long line of ants! Then beckoning the devotees to come, He stood near the line of ants and was requesting all the devotees to jump over too! Once the devotees had gone in, He beckoned the students and said, “Papam let these ants finish their work, don’t disturb them!”.

For the creator of the universe, the entire universe is His own. He taught us that day that one should expand to encompass each and every sentient and insentient thing into one’s orbit. Others’ pain becomes my own. Others’ joy becomes my own. Therefore how can I hurt anyone? …..Expansion is My life!”

Sai Ram

Story from A. Anantha Vijaya

The squirrell appears to be praying but he is probably eating. This photo was taken last week in a U.K. garden centre…