Non-Dualism – Inspirational Quotations

Photo taken while driving through Normany, France


“All human creatures are the servants of God,” said ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in a talk on 2 June 1912 at the Church of the Ascension in New York. “All are submerged in the sea of His mercy. The Creator of all is one God; the Provider, the Giver, the Protector of all is one God. He is kind to all; why should we be unkind? All live beneath the shadow of His love; why should we hate each other?”



Quotes from around the world on Non-Dualism: Here is the first one from the Hermetica (~The Greek/Egyptian wisdom book.)

“God is whole and constant. In himself he is motionless, yet he is
self-moving… He is hidden yet obvious everywhere. His being is known
through thought alone, yet we see his form before our eyes. He is
bodiless yet embodied in everything. There is nothing which he is
not… He is the unity of all things… He is the Whole which contains
everything. He is One, not two. He is all, not many. The All is not
many separate things, but the Oneness that subsumes the parts. The All
and the One are identical. You think that things are many when you
view them as separate, but when you see they all hang on the One and
flow from the One you will realise they are united – linked together
and connected by a chain of Being from the highest to the lowest, all
subject to the will of God”

– the Hermetica


~photo: The Wet Afternoon. (A small hidden garden at the front of my home.)