Prayers Flowing From The Heart – Mantras And Meanings

What is prayer?  Prayer is not merely words.  And never can prayer be uttered like a well remember verse. Prayer is always about our deepest feelings. The universe responds to feelings that are heartfelt. Those feelings are really enormous pools of energy. Prayers are in a way, energy healers, they act as vehicles for pulling in energy from the Universal  consciousness,  then letting it flow through our souls where the love aspect dwells.

There can be no ‘false adddresses’ because ‘feelings’ are totally clear. The Universal pool is completely neutral, there is no more or less to what you can draw.



For Buddhists, prayer expresses an aspiration to pull something into one’s life, like some new energy or purifying influence and share it with all beings. Likewise, prayer inspires our hearts towards wisdom and compassion for others and ourselves.  It allows us to turn our hearts and minds to the beneficial, rousing our thoughts and actions towards Awakening.If we believe in something enough, it will take hold of us. In other words, believing in it, we will become what we believe. Our ability to be touched like this is evidence of the working of Great Compassion within us.


What’s more, it can a function as a form of self-talking or self-therapy in which one mentally talks through a problem, or talks through it aloud, in the hope that some new insight will come or a better decision can be made. Prayer therefore frequently has the function of being part of a decision-making process.


Everywhere and Anytime


The wonderful thing about prayer practice is that we can do it everywhere and anytime, transforming the ordinary and mundane into the Path of Awakening. Prayer enriches our lives with deep spiritual connection and makes every moment special, manifesting the Pure Land here and now.