Heartfelt Prayers, More Sathya Sai Memories

Heart to Heart

During my student days at Sathya Sai Baba’s Lotus Feet, I learnt a lot through innumerable such instances. Many times it happened that  Baba would refuse to accept a letter from me and I used to feel completely dejected. On one such occasion,  Baba gave me the ‘cold storage’ treatment by not accepting my letter for many days at a stretch. One  day, He suddenly called me and literally grabbed the letter from my hands. Even without opening the letter, He went on to reveal its contents and concluded with a great revelation,

‘I need not go through your letter to know its contents. The prayer in your heart reaches me instantaneously, even before you pen downs your thoughts.’

To be frank, after this incident I reduced the ‘written mail’ and instead concentrated on heartfelt prayers. This is what  Baba implies when He exhorts us to develop ‘a heart to heart relationship’ with Him.


article by Sri K. Suresh