To Awaken – Metta teachings

Statues: from the Cave of the Thousand Buddhas, China

Dear friends, never lose sight of the fact that the power to transform, to unbind, to awaken, to heal and be healed lies *within* you.

Books, teachers, wise sayings, spiritual friends, the dharma—are, at their best, simply pointers to the reality of *your* individual goodness, *your* individual power for self-evolution and awakening. The relationship of this precious individual goodness and being to the ultimate, the All, to the divine, to the Whole, to What Is, is for each of us work out and discover for ourselves.

God, Buddha, Christ, spirits, angels, gurus, teachers, cannot do it for us. The secret way to the divine, to liberation, is true self-expression, which is not other than the Universe coming to know itself in each particular one— the One revealed in the Many, and the Many revealed in the One.

My best sense present sense is that we are each of us invaluable, irreplaceable individual aspects of this Great Awakening. The seeming paradox of sensing the “kingdom of heaven within,” the “True Self,” the “Buddha nature,” or whatever one might want to call the ineffable, is that the more one senses one’s own inner light, the more one has the joyous sense of “God with us,” or of the deathless “Buddha nature, of the quickening Christ-spirit—of that which is universal and deathless. We are individual, but we are family; we are the Many, yet we are the One. This kind of poured out tonight, as I was writing, so I thought I’d share it. Of course, as the saying goes, “your mileage may vary! Gasshō to your individual sense of the highest good and the deepest humanity!

~ Steven