Dreams – “You Are Love” – Sathya Sai Memories

A very old photo of Sai Baba

Last Christmas, 2008, I had a vivid dream of Swami upon my arrival in Puttparthi.  Not sure it was a dream as such, because Swami spoke to me so clearly, I thought he was there with me.

In the dream, I was in a very small ashram quietly positioned  in a  pretty setting of flowers, trees and lily ponds. In between the trees,  there were a number of small colorful buildings. The small rooms  in the  dreamlike ashram appeared relaxing and peaceful.  I felt comforted. I sat in one quietly contemplating. Then Swami appeared and began to speak.

He said: “What question do you have?”

I answered: “Why was I born?”

“You are born because of Karma. And you have very good Karma,” he said. “But you are lonely.”

I tried to ask him why I was lonely but he turned and walked away. I glanced over to where he was going, then suddenly he entered an elevator, which appeared out of nowhere. The doors closed behind him. The elevator moved downwards. (I thought this meant he was getting to the bottom of the problem.)

The words he said were so clear and the dream so vivid, I knew it was Swami actually speaking to me as in an interview.  I instantly awakened,   pondering on the dream  experience – ‘what question do you have?” – I am sure that is exactly the way Swami speaks to people. Sitting  in bed, I began to reflect on my ‘karma’.

The truth is I don’t feel I have good Karma. I was born into an abusive family where my childhood was hard. I often felt  afraid. I married early into another family where there’s little love. I love my husband, but the extended family, we never hear from.  I do miss the protectiveness of an extended family.This epecially affects me at Christmas time and birthdays.  What I do have and am thankful for is my beautiful home in France, and through the years, I’ve been lucky to live in many countries all over the world.  This  brought its own rewards.

Back to the dream and Swami’s words. Of course I don’t know how Sai sees karma. Perhaps suffering to him, is good karma. I can only think it is.

You Are Love

Another very clear dream I recall from Sai Baba came shortly after my husband’s  serious accident in 1998. I was in shock and quite lost in myself. I prayed to Swami, “I don’t know anymore Swami, who I am, nor where I am going.”

I said those words several times before falling asleep that night. Early the next morning I dreamed of Swami. He was sitting at my computer typing. I remarked upon this and said to Him, Swami you are often seen on the Internet (or words similar to that.) He smiled and typed, L O V E. He said, “L” is for a word I didn’t catch – he went on to explain the o, v, and e in the same way. Then he said, ‘Love is – he continued with my full name ending with my passport name of Mason.

At the time,  I’d had my passport name changed to  my single name of  Mason as mentioned in the above para. Swami had revealed his knowledge of  the name change in this dream, also the knowledge that he had heard my heartfelt prayer.


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