Anandamayi Ma on Oneness – Children of Light



Then comes a time when the Beloved does not leave one anymore; wherever one may go, He is ever by one’s side and His presence constantly felt. At an earlier stage one perceived Him within all objects; but now He is not seen within the objects anymore, for there is nothing but He alone. Trees, flowers, the water, and the land, everything is the Beloved, and only He.

Every form, every mode of being, every expression, whatever exists, is He – there is none beside Him. It may occur that a Sadhika continues in this state for the rest of his life.

If everything is the Lord and nothing but He, then one’s body must also be He, the One Existence. In this state, when one is deeply absorbed in dhyana, no physical activity be it the performance of ritual or acts of service is possible. For he alone is.

One no longer exists apart from Him. What would the Vedantists say..? ‘There is one – one Brahman without a second.’ Nevertheless, for some who have attained to this condition, the relationship between the Lord and His servant remains and is felt thus: “He is the Whole and I am part of Him, and yet thee is only the one Self.” If the Brahaman is described as the splendour of Krishna’s body – why should one object? Verily, everyone is identical, undivided. To realise this means to be immersed completely into the ocean of Oneness.

– Anandamayi Ma


A precious necklace was seen flashing from the bottom of a lake. Many felt tempted to recover the valuable ornament and dived deep into the water for it, but found no necklace anywhere. Yet it was clearly visible to everyone from the edge of the lake. They were all puzzled. Eventually they realized that there was no necklace at the bottom of the lake; what they saw was its reflection in the water. They looked up and discovered the precious ornament hanging from a tree. A bird must have picked it up from somewhere and deposited it there.

God who dwells within you is the source of true happiness. In the objects of the senses this happiness is merely reflected. The individual, misled by birth after birth by having only a glimpse of this reflected joy, thinks that this is the real thing, namely sensuous delight. So long as one believes that true happiness can be had in sense objects without searching within, one will never taste true happiness. The kingdom of God, hence of happiness, is within you.

– Anandamayi Ma, the Mother Bliss – Incarnate, by Anil Ganguli