A Seat Of Many Powers (The Heart) – Inspirational Quotations


The awakening of the spirit is accomplished because the heart has first died. When a man can let his heart die, then the primordial spirit wakes to life.. To kill the heart does not mean to let it dry and wither away, but it means that it is undivided and gathered into one.

~ The Secret of the Golden Flower


Please remember. Although our conventional bodies are mere containers, the lotus heart of the lover is God’s living room. A powerful sovereign may mercifully visit various regions of his vast kingdom at one time or another, but he remains directly accessible to his family and close advisors in the innermost chamber of the royal palace. This is the heart of humankind.. God dwells and flows as consciousness in and through all conscious beings, no doubt, but Divine Reality manifests most vividly in the hearts of those who love only for the sake of pure love. O friends, I beg you to come.. Come to the living room of God!



Can you walk on water? You have done no better than a straw. Can you fly in the air? You have done no better than a bluebottle fly. Conquer your heart, then you may become somebody.

~ Ansari of Herat


I am seated in the hearts of all.

~Bhagavad-Gita XV 15

I thought that I had arrived at the very Throne of God and I said to it: “O throne, they tell us that God rests upon thee.”   “O Bayazid” replied the Throne, we are told here that He dwells in a humble heart.”

~ Bayazid al-Bistami