Radiant Light Of The Buddha




Pure Light, The Buddha Light of Joy, the Buddha Light of Wisdom, the Buddha of Uninterrupted Light, the Buddha of Inconceivable Light, the Buddha of Ineffable Light, and the Buddha of the Light that Surpasses Sun and Moon.

When living beings come into contact with this light, the three kinds of defilements disappear in them. Their bodies and minds become supple and gentle. They become full of joy and enthusiasm and good thoughts arise in them. Even if they find themselves in one of the three impure realms or in the travail of suffering of this world, if they see his radiant light, they all find repose and relief and never again are subject to sorrow and afflictions. After their life span comes its end they are all led to Liberation.

The radiant light of the Buddha of Measureless Life appears and shines in all the Buddha-lands in the ten regions of the universe. No one is deprived of hearing and knowing about it. Not only do I praise now his radiant light, but all the buddhas, disciples and individual buddhas, and the host of all the bodhisattvas also praise it in unison in the dame way.

“Any living beings who hear of his radiant light, his divine majesty and his virtues and single-mindedly praise him day and night, without interruption, will obtain, according to the resolution that they expressed in their vows, rebirth in his realm.

And there the great host of bodhisattvas and disciples in unison sing, extol, and praise the virtues for the sake of those reborn there. Subsequently, when those reborn there attain the path of the buddhas, all the buddhas and all the bodhisattvas everywhere in the ten quarters will praise their radiant light, as I am now praising light of the Buddhas of Measureless Life.”

The Buddha said: Even if I were to describe day and night for one whole cosmic age, the majestic power of the radiant light, sublime and extraordinary, of the Buddhas of Measureless Life, I could never exhaust its praise.”   

from the Sukhavativyuha Sutra