Absorption in the Treasury of the Light – Inspirational Quotations


And God said: ” Let there be light”  ~ Genesis 1:3

Some say that God wrapped himself in a prayer shawl of light, and the light cast from that prayer shawl suffused the world.. Others say that God draped the six days of creation around Himself like a gown and dazzled the universe with His Glory from one end to the other. Then there are those who say that God took the light and stretched it like a garment and the heavens continued to expand until God said, “Enough!” 

and where did the light go?  Some say that sacred light pervaded the world until the very moment that Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit.. The first thing they lost was the precious light… but another theory is set forth by  Zen Mater Ejo who tells us…


“This is the light in which the ordinary and the sage, the deluded and the enlightened, are one suchness. Even in the midst of activity, it is not hindered by activity. The forest and the flowers, the grasses and the leaves, people and animals, great and small, long and short, square and round, all appear at once, without depending on the discrimination of your thoughts and attention.

This is manifest proof that the light is not obstructed by activity. It is empty luminosity spontaneously shining without exerting mental energy. This light has never had any place of abode. Even when buddhas appear in the world, it does not appear in the world. Even though they enter nirvana, it does not enter nirvana. When you are born, the light is not born. When you die, the light is not extinguished. It is not more in Buddhas and not less in ordinary beings. It is not lost in confusion, not awakened by enlightenment. It has no location, no appearance, no name. It is the totality of everything. It cannot be grasped, cannot be rejected, cannot be attained. While unattainable, it is in effect throughout the entire being. From the highest heaven above to the lowest hell below, it is thus completely clear, a wondrously inconceivable spiritual light.”

Zen Master Ejo – “Absorption in the Treasury of the Light”