We Are All Connected, Sai Baba ~ Inspirational Quotations


Charming old photo of Baba with young school children


The Earth is like a one-room schoolhouse in which students of different grade levels are assembled together: first graders co-exist with college seniors, remedial students with the gifted.. Its courses are taught in every language and cover every subject. Students of all nationalities and all races attend this school – all of humankind does. All are on the path toward a spiritual graduation. The lessons in this school are difficult because here we have bodies so we experience illness, death, loss, pain, separation, and so many other states of suffering. Yet, the earth also has such powerful redeeming virtues, like incredible beauty, physical love, unconditional love, soul mates, pleasure for all our senses, kind and compassionate people, and the opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth. Eventually, over the course of many lifetimes, we will learn all these lessons. Our education will be complete, and we will not need to come to Earth again any more.

(Like Baba always said, we are like light-bulbs, all of a different size and shape, each alive with a different wattage. From one hundred wattage power to one thousand wattage power. This is the “current” that runs through us all, and is found in all creatures, from the macrocosm to the microcosm.)

On the astral planes, we discover the advanced dimension that exists beyond our human awareness, and we begin to look into the many mysteries. There we can see and feel the sublime manifestations of what on Earth appears to be solid and material, and we acquire an understanding of these absolute energies at their most elevated vibration. There, we explore the nuances and levels of loving-kindness; compared to Earth and its physical form, it is learning at a higher octave. Even though these lessons are the graduate-level-courses, they are still part of our soul’s curriculum. Our knowledge is always expanding.

From page 19  Chapter 1: We Are All Connected, Miracles Happen, Dr. Brian Weiss and Amy E. Weiss. 

Inspired by Miracles Happen, Dr. Brian Weiss