Treasury Of Light, Inspirational Quotations


Scientifically, we know that life on Earth has been created out of light, and we know that this life is sustained by light. Vladimir Vernadsky in “The Biosphere” describes the Earth in relation to cosmic radiations:

He says: The face of the Earth viewed from celestial space presents a unique appearance, different from all other heavenly bodies. The surface that separates the planet from the cosmic medium is the biosphere. The sun has completely transformed the face of the earth by penetrating the biosphere, which has changed the history and destiny of our planet to converting rays from the sun into new, and varied forms of energy. At the same time, the biosphere is largely the product of this radiation.

Activated by radiation, the matter of the biosphere collects and redistributes solar energy, and converts it ultimately into a free energy, capable of doing work on Earth. The outer layer of the Earth must, therefore, not be considered as a region of matter alone, but also as a region of energy and source of transformation of the planet. The biosphere is at least as much a creation of the sun as a result of terrestrial processes. Ancient religious intuitions that considered terrestrial creatures, especially man, to be child of the sun were far nearer the truth than is thought by those who see Earthly beings simply as arising from blind and accidental interplay of matter and forces. Creatures of Earth are the fruit of extended, complex processes, and are essential part of a harmonious cosmic mechanism..

Twentieth-century philosopher and teacher G.I. Gurdjieff also described the creation and purpose of organic life on earth as a mechanism, a transforming intermediary between the Earth and the greater cosmos. And, like Vernadsky, Kabbalistic thought describes the creation of the material world in terms of light. Daniel Matt translates the description of Creation from the kabbalah as follows:

When the supernatural emanator wished to create this material universe, Ein Sof (endlessness) withdraw its presence all around in every direction, if left a vacuum in the middle, surrounded on all sides by the light of Ein Sof. Then all the opacity and density of judgment within Ein Sof…descended into the vacuum transforming (it) into an amorphous mass… (and) out of this mass emanated the four worlds,. For in its simple desire to realize its intention, the emanator relumined the mass with the ray of light withdrawn at first…

1474605_251078038382657_167575876_nThe church:  ” Miracle of Light” – Paris

Zen Master Ejo has this to say about Light – “Absorption in the Treasury of the Light”

“This is the light in which the ordinary and the sage, the deluded and the enlightened, are one suchness. Even in the midst of activity, it is not hindered by activity. The forest and the flowers, the grasses and the leaves, people and animals, great and small, long and short, square and round, all appear at once, without depending on the discrimination of your thoughts and attention.. This is manifest proof that the light is not obstructed by activity. It is empty luminosity spontaneously shining without exerting mental energy. This light has never had any place of abode. Even when buddhas appear in the world, it does not appear in the world. Even though they enter nirvana, it does not enter nirvana. When you are born, the light is not born. When you die, the light is not extinguished. It is not more in Buddhas and not less in ordinary beings. It is not lost in confusion, not awakened by enlightenment. It has no location, no appearance, no name. It is the totality of everything. It cannot be grasped, cannot be rejected, cannot be attained. While unattainable, it is in effect throughout the entire being. From the highest heaven above to the lowest hell below, it is thus completely clear, a wondrously inconceivable spiritual light.”