An Essential Commitment – Rumi


The great Masters from on high, Socrates, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and others of the indigenous Peoples, have pointed out to us through their missions, that which must be  sacrified, emptied out, given up, before a new quality of being can appear. A cup already full, cannot accept a new material.. Ultimately, our life teaches us our part – often most painfully. Our immediate labour is to ready the ground in ourselves so that the seeds of truth, spoken by teacher, spouse, friend or stranger, may find fertile soil in which we can grow.

Real understanding cannot be handed over from teacher to student like a sackful of rice. True understanding is the child of knowledge and being. The teacher’s greatest gift, it is said, is to be a living embodiment of the great mystery and beauty of existence.


The Spiritual Guide by Jalalu’L-Din Rumi

Translated by Reynold A. Nicholson

The Prophet said to ‘Ali, “O ‘Ali, thou art the Lion of God, thou art a valiant knight, but do not rely upon they courage: come into the shadow of the Palm-tree of hope. Come into the shadow (protection) of the Sage whom none can waylay. His shadow on the earth is like Mt. Qaf, his spirit is like the Simurgh that soars aloft. Though I should sing his praises until the Resurrection, do not look for any end to them. The Divine Sun has veiled Himself to man: apprehend this mystery, and God knows best what is the truth.

O ‘Ali, above all works of devotion in the Way is the shadow of Gods’ servant. When others seek to save themselves by religious works, Go thou, take refuge in the shadow of the Sage against the enemy within thee.”  Having been accepted by the Pir, give thyself up to him: submit, like Moses to the authority of Khizr. Whatever they Khizr may do, bear it patiently, lest he say, “Begone, here we part.”

Though He scuttle the boat, be dumb! Though he kill a child, do not tear thy hair! God hath described his hand as His own, for He saith, “The Hand of God is over their hands.” This “Hand of God” slays his disciple, then brings him to life-everlasting…


From Rumi: Poet and Mystic, translated by R.A. Nicholson (London: Allen and Unwin Ltd. 1950.)