Enchanted Forest – Photography

While academics on both sides of the Channel placed Camelot is in Britain, some Arthurian adventures took place in La Grande Bretagne but in what was, in the Middle Ages, known as la Petite Bretagne – modern Brittany. Here is the Forest so associated with King Arthur and his kingdom.  Just a glimpse of enchantment known as the town of O’Huelgoat  Take a look, then take a trip.  A fascinating place.

Camera Catches - Photography

When someone from Faerie ever tells you something, you can see it – you can feel it – you believe it. For the true value of enchantment and its glamour, is in the imparting of a truth – by truth’s own persuasion it makes itself real.” 

from the author of Azlender, Gaberial Brunsten


All photos are clickable to enlarge.





Lost high in the Parc d’Armorique in central Finistère, the village of Huelgoat looks sleepy at first sight, and its lake peaceful. However, descend into the Argent Valley and you suddenly find yourself amidst a mass of magical mossy boulders that have stirred the Breton imagination in fabulous ways.


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