Humble folks – India

Village people in Andra Pradesh live in the harshest conditions. The land is arid with little rain. They are not pretty people, like those in the North. People faces are burnt and rough from bad water, too much sun and long working hours, usually working in the streets, among the cars and trucks.

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“Life has always been  a long lesson in humility.”  ~ J. Berrie, the Little Minister






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5 thoughts on “Humble folks – India

  1. The little girls and the women are so pretty, their eyes filled with life. I guess your comment on ‘they are not pretty people’ had more to do with the fact in the north skin tones are lighter than in the south. Other than that, beauty is in their eyes….in all the photos that you put up. Thank you. Lovely pictures


    1. thank you. The people are often inter-bred and live in harsh conditions – they have delightful eyes when young, but overall, yes, they are not photogenic like the people from the North… thanks again. eve.


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