Lilith Snippets – Myth And Legend


I can’t resist the myth of Lilith, although I don’t believe one word. Lilith has been unkindly treated by history. And of course she is just so easy to find fault with. She actually would not obey her husband and declared herself equal to him in every way! And like all strong headed women she left him! She spoke the Ineffable Name of the Creator and soared up into the air. Thereupon Adam stood in prayer before the Creator and thus he spake: ” O Lord of the Universe, the woman Thou hast given me has fled from me.”

The Lilith teaching is actually used to divide the relationship between man and woman and destroy the start of marriage which God intended for all creation. The Lord did not create two separate beings in the book of Genesis but one. Adam existed as a dual being until  God caused him to sleep and divided Him into another separate creation, creating Eve in Genesis 2. Man is neither complete by himself nor is woman, but the two come together to create the original creation. The story of Lilith is intriguing, but also dark. Lilith, the first wife of Adam, spoke the truth when she said, “I am equal to Adam in every way.”  She suffers a dreadful fate from a  wrathful God and vengeful men. She will be forever known as the demon-ess, the dark one. The seducer of men and young boys.

Aramaic Demon incantation bowl depicting female figure bound by rod and chain – dated between the 5th and 8th century AD. Translation of text: “Elisur Bagdana, the king of demons and the great ruler of Lilliths, I beswear you, the Lilith Hablas, granddaughter of the Lilith Zarnay, who resides upon the threshhold of the house and kills boys and girls, in order that you should struck in your pericardium – the mighty Siqaros – go out from her son of Ahata from the threshhold of Yaya daughter of Aya. Behold, I write to you and behold, I dismiss you, just as demons write deeds of divorce to their wives and they do not come back. Flee and go out and do not appear, from this day and forever. And may you go out from her, from her house, from her dwelling place, from her entrance, from her exit, from the four corners of her house, from this day and forever. Amen, Amen, Selah, This bow is for the curse of the brother and of the sisters, and from the curse of the neighbours, and from the curse of the male nurse, and from the stranger and the relative, from the curse of the Aramaean and of the Jew, and from the curse demon, from the blow demon, from the vow demons, and from idol spirits, and from the blow demons, and from the mevakkalta demon, and from the tormentor, and from man and from woman, neither during the daytime nor during the night, from this day and forever. Amen, Amen, Selah. Yah Yah Yah, yyh Elohim.”

the Story of Lilith can be found on this link..

10 thoughts on “Lilith Snippets – Myth And Legend

  1. there are some interesting myths for sure – it really isn’t a wonder that Christian’s get weird about what they think about God when all of the mixtures of beliefs are available and the anxiety with what stories are literal and allegory and ancient texts and then aliens and illuminati and so on… faith possibly is more difficult to discover in this age. Thanks for the history Eve.
    ~ Eric


      1. What you say “I think everything and anything is possible.” cannot be untrue. We share a reality that is created by observation of the energy in vibration that form is until observed. Thus, whatever is possible by the vibration of energy is possible.


      2. As long as most of us believe that the outer world is our source for reality, we are resisting against the imaginations of multitudes not only of the living but also of those past lives and in my thinking of this even against the multitudes of future thoughts that seem to us not yet out there – but they are in here. To become one I the “I Am, that I Am” then resonance attention must of the ‘I am’ as a witness to the other and the other and the other and so on; not as a sequence of events – as awakening to what is and always was and to the stillness. The countless almost endless reflections that permeate all space-time by way memories of ineffable vastness of experience, and ever in a singularity of the one now is incomprehensible and of course it occurs in a single now and always has and always will – all quicker than an eye blink impossible to resist – all quicker even that mind. Only Mind may comprehend this and thus, finding the elusive but always everyplace and everything at-oneness means to me that the only way out is through.

        I have not read “I Am That” although maybe one day I may. I did recently find a PDF copy of the same title about the teachings and I did look some of it over. My copy is an edited text based on ‘Dialogues of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj’ and in the forward of my copy, it is said: “When asked about the date of his birth the Master replied blandly that he was never born!”
        I also have a few video programs that discuss the Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj’s teachings.

        Most of my education in metaphysics is from inside. I am Christian by family upbringing. My interest in occult powers is very limited. However, I studied “new thought” Christianity and in the 1980s I did take up fascination with a fairly large group of new thinkers I Philadelphia. It was closed and by invitation although I did not know why and never asked. We discussed freely whatever we liked. Most were not Christian.

        In my experience, I am rarely in company of Christians that want to experience an enlightenment of spiritual awakening. Even after nearly 40 years, I experienced their hunger for freedom only with a few dozen.

        If you asked in order to discuss any particular thinking, I will be at my best to accommodate your interests Eve.

        ~ Eric


        1. lovely reply.. I think you don’t need any help for me.. You see to be deeply grounded in the spiritual – whatever is your background.. I am also Christian although always have enjoyed other cultures and religions too.. I must say, I do enjoy Sufi poems and sufi writings.. They are some of the best.. I suppose Rumi says it all. (and we all like what he has to say.). fondly eve.


          1. Well, I do undergo that your visits and comments are a blessing. I have a Rumi poem or two in my drafts folder. It seems that using poetry while introducing topics is widely enjoyable on wordpress.
            ~ Eric


  2. Yours truly dealt with a Lilith-like creature that happened along the way in Deep Desert Blues ~ a very long narrative rhyme I wrote some years ago. It’s a Catholic-orientated “mystical” escapade of which I’m quite fond. Very few, though, read it to the very end. Here’s your chance, E.D.!


    1. the images are lovely on the link you sent to me.. Why not repost? I am sure there would be interest..Word Press can be strange though, I see a lot of good posts go by without even a like and others that are pretty mundane have hundreds of likes.. I don’t quite know what to make of it.. eve


      1. People read various parts when I promote them ~ kind of like I’m doing now with you.

        The Lilith-like character is introduced right here (Footprint XVI conveniently located at the top of the page) ~ ~ I think it’s kind of entertaining ~ maybe even provocative.

        We have another more formidable rendezvous later. Which sets me back some. But I get over it & the journey continues to ~ where else but heaven.

        Singing the whole thing with a banjo is a lot of fun!


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