Illusion – Inspirational Quotations

1560474_415893445207479_947959045_nImage Abraxas Journal

BRIGHT and luminous as your are…

you went to the world of darkness, and engaged in combat with it;

and the world of darkness obscured your light, and encompassed

you with darkness, and blinded you, and made you lose sight of all

that you had seen, and forget all that you had known; and in the end,

you were captured and held prisoner.

– Hermes

Image from Abraxas Journal on Facebook. ~ About:  aims to represent the best of the international esoteric movement in a high quality printed format. As a bi-annual journal, it seeks to offer relevant and thought-provoking features: ranging from essays that are scholarly and engaging, to images and sounds that challenge and inspire. Our print run is limited, and every issue employs lavish colour and exotic papers – providing for the reader a rare sensory delight. Indeed, it is our intent that Abraxas should embody that magical, creative nexus which feeds both mind and soul. And in a world fraught with troubles, our approach is refreshingly non-partisan and inclusive… join us!

Hope to hear from you!

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