The Fire Of Wisdom -Quotations From Sai Baba

For Baba devotees who sometimes follow my blog. I hope you enjoy this pretty post with many old photos.. All I have learnt over the years came from being with Sai Baba over the years. Without his wisdom, I would not know much.. Sai Ram.

Beautiful Reflections - Sathya Sai Baba Photos

aaswamiquote The fire of Wisdom has the power to transform anything. Does not a piece of black coal when subjected to fire lose its natural form, and take the form of a piece of burning ember? Similarly, though God’s flames of compassion are cool, once they blend with the flames of bhakti, the heat thereby generated increases. Fire is born from water, which is a medium used to put down fire. The reason is when the water flows incessantly in circular motion, it generates a new power that we call electricity. Similarly when we think of the name of God and repeat it incessantly, power is generated from the friction. This is the essence. To procure that essence, practice is necessary for that practice, God’s name is the basis. ~Baba






Baba’s face was radiant and his smile so beautiful. He was walking towards me. I could hear my heart pounding loudly…

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