Children of Light

Thank you so much Morgan for the words.. They are gracious and well, what can i say? I am overjoyed to have your recommendations for Children Of Light Blog. It has been a place of light, although sometimes hidden in shadow.. I am so pleased to have met you and others on Word Press, all who have been so encouraging towards my efforts.. God Bless. Namaste eve


Children of Light

So to kick things off, in no particular order of preference, and without additional preface or prologue, I should like to Introduce you to Eve of Children of Light blog (found at: ) Eve’s blog is beautiful (yes, that is a word I tend to use frequently; nonetheless, when it is true, few other words express the thoughts and emotions BEAUTIFUL relates so, well, Beautifully). One of the very first things I noticed when visiting her blog for the first time was this thoroughly Inspiring devotion:

Lord please, think through me.
Lord, please feel through me.
Lord, please act through me.
Lord, please love through me.
Lord, please breathe through me.

Now, regardless of your particular denomination or religious beliefs, I think it can easily be agreed that the sentiment behind these words is pure…yes…Beauty. They announce in perfectly clear tones the sort of person Eve is: A Child…

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Hope to hear from you!

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