Speaking Of Sathya Sai Baba’s Light Body In Kodaikanal 2015 Newly Updated – Sathya Sai Memories


“I need only one ‘Mandir’ – Your Hearts!

Preserve the purity of your hearts, so that SAI may reside therein



The Original Report May 2014

During the past week I’ve received numerous forwarded emails from people interested in the resurrection of Sai Baba into an incarnate body. From what I have learned from people visiting kodaikanal this year, Sai Baba has not yet resurrected into a physical form but has chosen a “light body.” Some people claim to have seen Sathya Sai Baba’s shimmering in light, though the majority of people who visited kodaikanal say they only felt Sai’s presence. There are photos of the Kodaikanal gatherings, and of Sai Baba’s empty chair. There are discourses readily available that suggest Sathya Sai Baba spoke to those gathered. There is also a video. I am not going to post those discourses, because they are easy to obtain from other sources. Instead, I’ve posted the Kodaikanal 2014 video for readers’ interest. Here’s an excerpt from an email I received several days ago. What to make of these occurrences, I do not know. I was not there to say one way or another. Only time will tell. I guess it is a wait-and-see scenario.

From a forwarded email May 2014

“Baba appeared in a “light body” which only a few could see, though everyone felt his presence. Baba spoke in Telegu to a person from Muddenahalli who translated this into english. These documents are from notes taken by students. Many photos were taken. None of them show the physical form. We’ve attached a few earlier photos so you can get the flavour of what was happening. Many photos are of the people who were invited to the “property” and of Kodaikanal. The photographs, with what looks like empty chairs, actually had Sai sitting in them. In one photo, an unseen Baba was getting out of his car.”

From my own experiences in Prashanthi Nilayam Mandir in both 2012 and 2013, Sai Baba’s darshan (vibrations) was readily available to all who gathered there. There were many visitors who regularly, and without fail, attended the Chanting of the Vedas and stayed for the  bhajan programme, enjoying the peace that pervaded the area, both within the darshan area, and beyond. For most visitors,  after the physical passing of Sai Baba, darshan experiences are no different from those experienced when he was in his physical body. In other words, The vibrations can still be felt. One might say that Sai has not gone anywhere. Long ago, I remember reading a particularly beautiful story about Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramana told one distraught devotee not to worry about his imminent demise, for he (Ramana) was not going anywhere. He had no place to go to that He was not already there! Ramana would remain available to all who sought darshan and solace in his ashram. So it is, I now believe, the same with Sathya Sai Baba.

.. When speaking of an evolved soul’s Light body, we could easily think of the transfiguration of Christ. Let me refresh your memory.

The Transfiguration of Christ is written in four gospels. According to the gospels, Christ made himself visible to a few disciples. He did so to strengthen their faith. But that experience was only a temporary one. The event of the Transfiguration is recorded in three of the four Gospels: Matthew 17:1-9, Mark 9:2-8, and Luke 9:28-36. Jesus took the apostles Peter, James, and John with Him upon a mountain, and while on the mountain, Jesus was transfigured. His face shone like the sun, and his garments became glistening white. Jesus became light – as the sun is light, to strengthen the faith of his disciples. He did not remain long in his subtle body, for he had no need to. In the case of Jesus, he had already established at a “soul level” an eternal connection that shone within the souls of those gathered.

There is no need for a great guru or spiritual master to resurrect, as we have already established within us a soul connection to that eternal source. We all have within us the potential to evolve whether we have been guided by a guru/master/teacher or not. It makes no difference. The guru-as-guide is a pointer only, for only we can redeem ourselves.


The key is in understanding that the physical body is only an instrument of the divine. It is not forever. What was it that Sathya Sai Baba said so well ? “You are not the body.” “Drop all attachments to the body and its desires.”  I feel that includes all physical attachment to Sai Baba’s form also. ~  Now ain’t that the hardest thing for people to do!!! More importantly He said and I quote:  “At first, name and form are essential, that is the reason why Avatars come, so that God can be loved, adored, worshiped, listened to and followed, and finally realized as nameless and formless.” – 

Here is a you tube of photos from the 2014 Kodaikanal meetings:  I would like to point out that in this short video, Swami’s subtle body is arriving??? by car. Oddly enough, Sai Baba as of now, Sept. 2015, is being manifested in the mind of “Madhu the Medium,” real name, Madhusudhan Naidu, (the only person on the planet who can both see and hear the Astral Sai Baba, according to Naidu. ) He tells us Sai Baba can travel by car,  like the top end  “Jaguar” he prefers to use or by “astral plane” – depending on travel circumstances. On world travels, Sai Baba goes by astral plane, so there’s no need to buy an airplane ticket for him. (Astral plane, that infinite place beyond our ken, does not cost a dime, does it? To travel first class would cost a huge amount, given the motley crew travel most of the time.)

Anyway, enjoy the video. ~  Make of it what you will.. Sai Ram

Swami talks through me! Since the advent of the Ted (Henry) Talk from Muddenahalli, there are now various claims from folks who say they are in touch with Swami. I am sure Mr. Murthy, when he gave his interview to Ted H. had no idea others would jump on the band-wagon! The problem with channeling or seances is that nothing can be proven. It’s subjective and leaves the whole issue, post Sai Baba as something akin to dimly lit seance rooms, or  of a  ghostly figure who appears to ‘chosen’ people. This is not the Sai Baba I knew. He always said, and I quote,  “he never speaks/talks through anyone”. There are many quotes from Him about this topic. To think that Sai Baba would channel messages through someone is bringing him down to the level of a deceased soul, now living in the astral, who is still attached in some way to earth. These sort of spirits are likely to want to contact family and friends, if only to give proof of their survival. Great Saints don’t have to rely on a medium, for they are able to appear in dreams, or give evidence in so many ways, to each and every one, without any effort at all. They can also appear for a short time in a flesh and blood body. St. Padre Pio, Catholic – died in 1968, even healed someone after his death. Again his intervention with a soul living on Earth was one to one. I posit right here, there’s much to be  cautious of with those who say they are Swami’s medium. I don’t think we have heard the end of the seances, I am sure many more people will claim the same as time goes by.

Another claim:

valeriebarrow.com- google it if you like. “John (my husband) and I sat together and called upon Cosmic Sai Baba – we had previously “booked a time in the morning to speak with him.”” – booked a time? –  There’s something odd about booking a time with a Great Master –

sriyogananda   I refer you all to the link here for further details on the brief resurrection of Sri Yukteswar:  It is a most insightful read and will be of help to anyone interested in the passing and resurrection of an evolved  Master. The Link to the Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar http://www.crystalclarity.com/yogananda/chap43.php

Update: Just a note to say the experiences in Muddenahalli continue on. The reports I hear from those that visited are varied. Some insist the “happenings” are true, others say it is all a hoax. Truth is, with only one boy claiming to see and hear Sai Baba, it is very hard for people to make a judgement.There are now parades, dances and people flowing in, also a baby elephant! to make the picture complete. Also,to my utmost surprise, I hear that Sai Baba is  giving interviews and materializing rings or other pieces of jewelry. How these “objects” are materialized I have no idea, but I do know astral forms can “apport” small items on to a table or drop them on to the floor, but if this is not the case, and these objects are appearing in the hand of the person doing the “materialization” -then I would be suspicious.  But hey!  let’s wait a minute and think this through – can this whole affair be a case of  mass hysteria or mass hypnosis on the part of  those who just want something to hold on to? I do not know because I have not visited myself, I only draw here from what I am told by others. I remember way back in the 1980’s when I first became interested in Sai Baba, I wanted personal proof. I would not settle for other people’s stories, no matter how good they were. I along with so many others would settle for nothing less than my very own experience. Most of us were given abundant proof. We had either dreams, or some little experience that meant something profound. Without such personal experiences, most of us would not have been happy to accept others’ tales,   interesting as they might have been. The same goes for Muddenahalli Sai Baba, people need some sort of personal proof to really believe. To accept anything less is rather like short-changing ourselves. Anyway, I will leave you with these thoughts, hoping they will be a small guidance  for you to draw on. 🙂    yellowstarshiningbright So far during 2015, The Muddenahalli crew with the all knowing, purer than pure, 36 year old Medium, Madhu, have visited Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Rome, Croatia, Kodaikanal again. During June, they visited CA. To the up-market seaside town of Encinitas, Ca. for a public viewing, all other venues being invitation only. They also visited Canada and again to Singapore. 

I find it hard to believe that Sai Baba would want to travel abroad, and yet not to his beloved home and central Mandir in Prashanthi- Niyalam. Afterall, this was the abode of his mission, and where his devotees discovered him and where they received his darshan over the decades.  It is after all, only down the road from Muddenhalli.

Update Sept. 2015

Latest tour included Sri Lanka, Nigeria to meet Father Charles, not sure he was so interested, then to Australia again. Back to London to visit families ” those especially chosen ones” of course. Although Phyllis Krystal, backed out at the last moment. She made a declaration that she did not wish to see Madhu, nor his crew, now or anytime in the future. This statement has been posted on her website. The crew then travelled on  to Dubai, Australia yet again, Fiji , Philippines to meet one family, then on to Singapore via Australia yet again. Now if I have listed the countries out of order, or missed some out altogether, forgive me, I have trouble keeping track! My mind boggles at the thought of endless travelling on planes to far-flung places by “Astral Sai Baba,” who is obviously, in the mind of the “Medium Madhu,” making up for past omissions in the travel dept. Oh there’s one place I must make mention of, the infamous visit to the Island of  Macau – and what do we know about Macau? Let me refresh your memory. lol (Macau has surpassed Las Vegas as the world leader in gambling revenue. Visitors just love the flash, the money, the drugs. And the occasional winning night at the tables.)

Tours 2016 – Without Isaac T.

Japan, Bali, Singapore again. This month they are travelling back to Italy and U.K and other regions of Europe. I noticed from the reports the gatherings are leaner and looking less joyful. Perhaps people are not as fooled as before. Images from their Singapore meeting last month (March.)  The other image with red sun umbrellas held over Madhu and the invisible Baba is from their visit to  Bali. – neither drew large crowds, not even though The Supreme Avatar was in their midst, according to Officials, Mr. Murthy and Madhu. (click on images to enlarge.) thanks





This short but detailed you tube was posted on F.B. I have added here for your interest. Although, myself, I have no further interest in this matter.

This is about it folks on seances and medium ship from me. I just don’t want to be involved in the topic here on my blog. Might add, I am in no way connected to the Sai Org. or people involved with that movement.  Since the demise of Sai Baba,  I have moved on in life, although my memories of  Baba, are something I cherish.

A Brief History of Muddenahalli Group, link below. (ignore the links title. I had to use an old link on word press to post the page here.) 🙂


Thank you for visiting my blog. Sorry the post is long and a bit rambling due to the subject matter being complicated.      

63 thoughts on “Speaking Of Sathya Sai Baba’s Light Body In Kodaikanal 2015 Newly Updated – Sathya Sai Memories

  1. The physical body subtle body causal body is part of the soul or atma movement…how are the speeches now being spoken through the medium so convincingly of BABA…


  2. Dear All
    my honest thinking is – Swamiji had direct contacts and even now has direct contacts with some people only but not with all.
    for people like me I never had direct contacts or guidance or dreams from him telling me what to do and etc…(so I am lost)

    Then I lost him fully when he went off in 2011 april.
    so for me him coming back through Mr Madosoodanan or any person is a blessing. Swamiji made him little by little for this occasion.

    since I took him as GOD for me he can do any thing and come through any means. Mudenahalli was built and made by Swamiji many years ago while swamiji was still living and he has payed many visits to that place too.

    so until he shows him self (physically) again even this is good for me as from 2011-2014 we lost him as he was not showing anything like this even.

    lets all pray to him to come back and show his physical form and live with us more up to 120 years (not 96)

    as Maha Vishnu puraana and Ramayan says Lord Parashurama was still living when Lord Ramaa was living so Sri Sathya Sri Sai Baba can live even while Sri Prema Sai Baba
    is living (in the future)

    We saw Sri Sathya Sri Sai Baba We had interactions with him we liked him first and then loved him to the hilt and we started having full faith in him for us to live well until we die off.
    we want him for anything and we desperately need him to guide and guard us until we finish this life. then the lives there on next birth and samsara too will be taken care of him as we in this life will be doing only good things and punya karmas not papa karmas at all.

    like the sages prayed for him to come long time ago let us all pray to him to come back in his beautiful physical body which we all touched and worshipped.

    If I may write

    I am sure He can make and come back in another beautiful body – leaving the body he left in prashanthinilayam and show all the people who wrote against him spoke against him and did many bad things who GOD is.

    even the atheists will start believing GOD there after.

    thank you



  3. A very sensible take on the M goings-on ! Lot of unanswered questions there which most people don’t want to consider, like the need for a car, for the ‘light Body’ ! Also, Bhagawan always had a direct connection with His devotees, then and now.
    A msg. From Swami to me regarding this was: ‘Imitation’ ! That kind of sums it up for me !


  4. I am happy about the share but not so happy about the harsh words used by some .Swami is everywhere, if we see another person as Swami we can understand Swami is in every atom of the word as we are. Advaita is not looking at God in one form or the other, but to see all as his manifestations. For people who have that kind of understanding and love, instructions come from the person next to you about what to do, not about how to judge everything. Knowledge is the problem, Knowledge tries to analyse with Dwitiya to make a judgment. Atma Vidya is solution. Atma Vidya doesnt want to waver it remains as joy and peace inside, it doesnt even think of creating words, lest the harsh words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello,

      Natarajan 5, this is an old post – written from last year before most people had heard of the Light Body. I posted my thoughts as well as details that came flowing in from others, to the blog. I had no idea this post would reach so many people. I am glad if it helps some. Thank you for your comment.. Eve


  5. I am extremely disappointed with Prof. Anil Kumar’s uncalled comments about subtle body experiences. A very public “attack” on those “chosen people” who have been granted this unique experience was driven by sheer jealousy and a desire to discredit some people who have been very close to Swami. If Swami did not need mediums or intermediaries, he would not have used Prof. Anil Kumar to translate his messages in English. You said one thing on the podium while translating Swami’s discourse during Ati Rudra Maha Yagna and another when you toured other countries about Vedam Chanting. Anil Kumar will lose all credibility if he keeps on launching these vicious attacks about things he knows so little about. Just because you have not been granted that experience does not mean that it is false and untrue. What a display of pomp and ego.

    Sorry “Be Kind,” I cannot understand your message. I have posted it on comments as it is your point of view. I feel from your message above, you have not understood that Swami does not need Mediums.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for comment. Happy the post is useful. There are many folks out there v.confused over the possibility of Sai Baba speaking through a young boy in Muddenahalli.. Eve


  6. thanks to v.barrow! have started looking for the toll-free number of the ‘Talk To Sai Baba’ booking line. can you please get her to give it to us ? i cannot find it in my yellow pages :-{


  7. Hi and Sai Ram, This is Pat {Pat and Roscoe that lived in Puttaparthi] .Have been trying to get in touch with you on this computer but have had no luck so I’m trying again…Would love to hear from you …So am giving you my e-mail address…


    1. Hello Pat, I had the message on my blog from two weeks ago, saying you were leaving your email, but you did not.. Are you on line at all.. This message should get to you, We would love to hear from you both…


    2. Hi Pat! This is Ravi! David, Birgit, Jyoti and I were just talking about you and we’ve been thinking a lot about you! Just came across this blog and your comment. Get in touch with David, since we don’t have your phone number! Can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

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  8. Comment from a friend’s email received today:

    “I don’t doubt that baba could be there
    Just the hoohah around it

    Once early days baba went to whitefield but told everyone not to follow
    Most disobeyed but I stayed at prashanti & went to bhajans daily
    I saw baba walking everyday (5) around giving darshan & he came up & said to me
    See you are the only one who knows I’m here
    I looked at crowd and they had no idea
    I don’t think I bothered to tell anyone I wouldn’t have been believed”

    I asked my friend to explain more of what she had seen:

    “Hi Eve
    When I said I saw him In my minds eye & innerview I didn’t hear of anyone else who sensed his presence & he did say( innerview no one else knew he was there).”

    There have been accounts of Sai’s bi-location (where his physical body in flesh and blood have been reported by devotees) although there’s not been a study about them so far. My last darshan was here in my own home in France on 24th Nov. 2010. I didn’t see Sai Baba, I only felt the strong darshan. I remember having to go lay down, because the darshan vibes were so strong. They lasted for around 20 minutes. I have written before about this phenomenon on link provided. Eve


  9. Hello and Sai Ram,

    My husband has just reminded me of chapter 43 from Autobiography of A Yogi, Sri Yogananda.. In chapter 43, Yogananda speaks of the visitation of His guru, Sri Yukteswar, after his death.
    Here is the link to the full chapter which is most interesting to read. http://www.crystalclarity.com/yogananda/chap43.php

    Excerpted from chapter 43 Autobiography of a Yogi.

    “I was not the only one privileged to behold the Resurrected Guru.

    One of Sri Yukteswar’s chelas was an aged woman, affectionately known as Ma (Mother), whose home was close to the Puri hermitage. Master had often stopped to chat with her during his morning walk. On the evening of March 16, 1936, Ma arrived at the ashram and asked to see her guru.

    “Why, Master died a week ago!” Swami Sebananda, now in charge of the Puri hermitage, looked at her sadly.

    “That’s impossible!” She smiled a little. “Perhaps you are just trying to protect the guru from insistent visitors?”

    “No.” Sebananda recounted details of the burial. “Come,” he said, “I will take you to the front garden to Sri Yukteswarji’s grave.”

    Ma shook her head. “There is no grave for him! This morning at ten o’clock he passed in his usual walk before my door! I talked to him for several minutes in the bright outdoors.

    “‘Come this evening to the ashram,’ he said.

    “I am here! Blessings pour on this old gray head! The deathless guru wanted me to understand in what transcendent body he had visited me this morning!”

    The astounded Sebananda knelt before her.

    “Ma,” he said, “what a weight of grief you lift from my heart! He is risen!””


  10. If you haven’t already seen this, this incident might interest you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNlNLR_dfvQ
    Way back in 1993, Swami ‘visited’ someone in London for 4 days. Yes, he did appear and disappear at will. Yet, He asked the hosts to take him sightseeing in London! Dr. Nayar describes the incident well in this video by Ted. So, one could question: why did he need a car to do sightseeing. But he did. Maybe he wanted his hosts to go with him. who knows :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much. 🙂 have published. I have just been sent photos of the Kodai meetings. Although I can believe stories like the one you have sent me, i cannot quite accept the 150 very rich people gathered in Kodai. who i am told paid a fee for entry. (wish I had more on the fee charged, if indeed there was one. I would like to be able to clarify this point for myself and all who read this post.) I have posted the photos. https://picasaweb.google.com/108672582368085061618/BHAGAWANSRISATHYASAIBABASDIVINEVISITTOKODAIKANALMAY12202014?noredirect=1#6024038194830416418


      1. thanks for the reply. I saw the pictures. I think the “150 very rich people” is bit of an overstatement :). I saw the pictures; I recognize many of the faces, not all. Yes, there are SOME rich people – they have always been there around Swami as well – but the rest are students, very young students!, staff, ex-students – some that i recognize. Some that i have met recently – and were students at Parthi way back in the ’80s even. Some musicians. Some who are probably helping with the building of the new educational institutions (probably those are the ‘very rich people’?). So…. well, my point is, better not to get carried away by what we can ‘accept’ and ‘not’. It was an event. It is over. Swami came. That is it. Main thing… is waiting for Him to come so entire world can see :). So that is the goal; all else…passing clouds, as he used to say, and not new. Time to move on. The discourses were good though. Enjoyed them. Love, and thanks for the posts, the pictures and the links to the discourses.

        Re: ‘rich People” – point taken. thanks for explaining. Eve

        Liked by 1 person

        1. he he…haute cotoure? ladies dressed up…yes true, but if you remember, in Parthi too, the women dress up… in fact, Swami himself gives his ‘guests’ very rich colored and brocaded sarees. I used to be put off by the ‘splendor’ too, but then Swami himself gives them such rich sarees. Was never sure what to make of that! I must say though…wearing traditional silk sarees to events is very common in south india..even to weekly bhajans. So, I would not make conclusions based on how the ladies are dressed — that is how they always are :).

          Yes, you are right about shaking in the shoes. And, from some of the pictures, some of the guests do look like they are :).
          Good night. Sairam.


    1. Hi H. I would agree he can be felt through strong vibes in P.N. – although that is limited to that area more or less.. Outside of the main area, its much harder to feel the actual vibes.. People say all sorts of things but the point is – where is the proof? The vibes are pretty much felt by all in the darshan area.. We cannot dispute that.. I am not sure I can buy that people can see him, but then I am not them. What might be a strong urge to see him, can often bring about a vision, given their strong desire to have one. I have to keep an open mind there. You might like to read the other post – the most recent.. Mr. Murthy says Baba was in Muddenahalli on 14th Feb. 2009, but we all saw him at darshan in P.N. (I have since been informed that Swami took a day trip to Muddenahalli on the 14th Feb. 2009 – returning that evening to Puttaparthi for darshan.)


      1. if you did see Baba at Puttaparthy on the same day as He was at Muddenahalli i.e Feb 14, 2009 it is a beautiful experience for Jim and you. and if we truly believe that Baba was all powerful then why are we surprised when He gifts us with a glimpse of His awesomeness ? i think it was a blessing for you and for us to hear of such divine play is also His grace.

        i have a lady living near my home to whom Sai appears on a daily basis. its a very matter of fact kind of thingy. and the lady is too simple. her son studied in Puttaparthy. Baba guides her in the most detailed manner. He even tells her if He doesnt like His photo on a particular wall. when they renovated their home, Baba made changes in the design. they showed me the blue prints with Baba’s modifications in Baba’s own handwriting. actually i have seen too much of Baba’s presence in this place and have no doubt that others too see Him. this lady and her husband and sons are simply too simple. amazingly simple. not sure why Baba choses to grace them cest la vie 🙂


      2. Swami went to Muddanahalli on Feb.14, 2009, after giving morning darshn in Parthi. Swami returned to Parthi in the afternoon, before 2pm.

        I was in Parthi at the time. I arrived at Parthi on 02/14, 2009, 5am early in the morning.

        Had morning darshan. Swami left from Sai Kulwant hall right after giving darshan, for Muddanahalli. When I got up in the afternoon, my roommate told me Swami had returned. We went for afternoon darshan.

        I knew Swami would go to Meddanahalli on 02/14 before I was coming to Parthi. But was not sure how long he would stay there…Was happy he came back on the same day.

        Muddanahalli is not too far from Parthi. Although I have not been there, many have made one day-trip going there from Parthi.

        A Sai report written by Satish Naik detailed the event on 2/14, 2009. Google it you may find it.

        Sai Ram


  11. Sai ram
    That is a very valid point !! And what does “light body” mean?? I thought the conventional term was “subtle body”!! How do they know its made of light when they couldn’t see it.

    Its very difficult to comment. From what I heard only one person was seeing or hearing Swamy in kodai and he was acting as some sort of a medium. So technically it was his experience ONLY. Its like getting a personal interview, its meant for the person getting it, not for the folks sitting in the ante-room who can neither see nor hear whats happening inside. Personally, I am very wary of people acting as mediums, however well intentioned.

    The story of the devotee living in Muddenhalli was wonderful.

    No disrespect but Mr. Tigrett does seem to have a penchant for the strange & the dramatic.


    1. Sai Ram Ramesh,

      I have just watched http://vimeo.com/97850716 – with Mr. Shri Murthy – He does not call Swami ‘The Light Body’ – He calls the body, “subtle” of course which would be the right term… The souljourns video is very clear and well presented. More believable from Mr. Murthy’s viewpoint than the small video posted on my blog. There is one part of the vimeo video that has absolutely shocked me though: In this video.. Near the beginning, Mr. (Sri Murthy) says: Baba last visited Muddenahalli on 14th Feb. 2009 – where Baba materialized a ring for him. He goes on to describe in quite some detail the entire meeting with Swami on that date.. However, we were in PP on 14th Feb. 2009, and Baba was there giving darshan! He absolutely was.. Oddly enough, being the 14th Feb. my husband I, had a small dinner at the Italian Restaurant on the main street in Puttparthi that evening. I remember the day well. but wait….. Oh, I understand this was not a case of bi-location, but a round trip to Muddenahalli to PP. Eve


    1. hmmm – the most strange part of this event is the car. why does a non – physical person need a physical car – or transport -???? i should have mentioned that point in the post. what do you think about that? i mean surely sai baba can transport a light body through space. the car is very odd and rather takes away from authenticity – maybe isaac tigrett can explain. he needs to. sai ram. eve

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Dear Ramesh, I have adjusted the post to include my query about the car…. Yesterday, I also posted another article on the blog about a devotee living in Muddenahalli.(Also the vimeo video of Sri Murthy explaining the entire story of the light body..) He made one huge mistake in his details though: I quote: Sri Murthy tells us in the vimeo film that Baba arrived at Muddenhalli to lay the foundation stone for the new collage on 14th Feb. 2009.


          1. Eric, okay, the chant, yes. The chant is from Sai Baba (his voice) – and is part of the c.d. collection called Embodiment of Love 1 – 2. The chant is titled “Sathyam Shivam Sundaram.” We have both c.d.s and play them often…. This tract is one of the best in the entire collection.., thanks eve..


  12. This email and the connected information were wonderful especially the comments of devotees regarding their dream experiences. I really enjoyed reading them. I must also mention the questions by devotees and also the answer given by Swami which were etched in my heart.


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